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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock Gray

"Xenoblade Chronicles 3" had critics mostly raving when it was first released. While some contended there were a few downsides to the game, general consensus found that the 100 hours it takes to beat "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" are filled with enough fun to make up for any misgivings along the way. One thing players will find themselves frequently doing is unlocking new characters to add to their team. One of these unlockable characters is the mysterious gunslinger Gray.

While Gray isn't the best or worst attacker in the game, he can play an essential role in a player's team. Gray's attacks get stronger with each consecutive hit, rewarding any player that wants to prioritize high damage output in combat. Gray also uses a drone to boost his AoE attacks, which can prove helpful whenever players take on enemy groups. Luckily, players have the opportunity to unlock Gray early in the game, and he doesn't require all that much work to recruit. Here's how players can find Gray and add the mysterious character to their team.

All you have to do is beat Gray

Unlocking Gray is extremely similar to how players unlock Zeon — players will have to locate and fight Gray before recruiting the character to the team. As YouTuber Gaming with Abyss shows, in Chapter 3, players can spot a question mark on the Full Aetia Region map after learning how to climb walls. Hovering over it will show the words: "Quest-Related Event."

Once players reach the destination, an event will begin that pits players in a fight against Gray. Immediately after, the player team will then fight a Colony 23 Patrol. Once the Patrol is dealt with, players will find that Gray has escaped. Following the mysterious gunslinger's footprints will eventually lead players back to Gray — and right into the clutches of another Colony 23 Patrol. After the battle, Gray's services will become available to the player, and he'll be recruitable to the team.

Considering the quest pops up on the map naturally after learning how to scale walls, players should be right around a manageable level to take it on. Gaming with Abyss unlocked Gray with a level 26 team, but Karpo Gaming similarly managed the task with a level 24 team. Gray himself is level 28, a fact players may want to note if they're finding their team under-leveled before taking on the Full Metal Jaguar.