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Ludwig's Copycat xQc Stream Leaves Fans Amazed

Streamer Ludwig is known for pushing the boundaries of content creation. For example, just recently, Ludwig flew out to North Carolina to film a one hundred-thousand-dollar challenge with fellow content creator Mr. Beast. A video that Mr. Beast claims to have cost him one million dollars to produce. Ludwig is also known for pulling off his own insane challenges, like continuously streaming until he beat "Elden Ring." These stunts propelled the streamer into stardom and earned him the spot of Twitch's most subbed streamer.


But Ludwig didn't hold that spot for long. Soon after making it to the top, he made the shocking announcement that he would be moving to YouTube. The new platform has had its share of pros and cons, according to Ludwig, but his move off of Twitch hasn't slowed down his boundary-pushing content one bit.

Recently, the streamer performed what some consider his most ambitious biggest stunt yet, which saw Ludwig copying fellow big-name streamer xQc for an entire seven-hour stream, a feat which amazed fans. And it looks like there is more to come.

A seven-hour commitment

On August 15, Ludwig streamed on YouTube in an unusual fashion via a 720p camera and a time outside his normal schedule. In addition, his title looked more like an xQc title, featuring phrases such as "HUGE STREAM" written in all caps. As a result, many were confused about what Ludwig was trying to achieve.


Ludwig meant for his stream to be an imitation of xQc's stream ongoing at the same time. Something that would only become apparent to viewers tuning into both streams simultaneously. For example, Ludwig imitated the audio problems that xQc often struggles with during his stream. He then watched three hours of videos as his intro, just like xQc. When xQc booted up "Counter-Strike" and "Super Bunny Man," Ludwig did the same. But at the end of his stream, after playing xQc's iconic outro, Ludwig revealed his plan.

During the last seconds of the stream, Ludwig revealed that he "had a guy in [his] ear the entire night telling [him] what xQc was doing" to "become the biggest streamer in the world." Chat soon erupted, with many surprised by the reveal. However, a few users claimed they knew exactly what was happening and asked Ludwig to do more streams like it. But Ludwig explained that he would be returning to his regular setup the next day and that fans would see more about the stunt via a YouTube video later in the week. So, fans should keep an eye on Ludwig's YouTube page in the coming days.