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Twisted Marvel's Spider-Man Mod Gives Uncle Ben His Revenge

"Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered" arriving on PC has been significant for a few different reasons. The obvious one is that it allows PC gamers the opportunity to play the title that over half of gamers think is the best superhero game of all time. Another is that those with adequate hardware will get to take advantage of the extra features that this version offers, such as enhanced graphics, ray tracing and various other visual upgrades. A third reason that may interest fans is that "Spider-Man" coming to PC has opened it up to the modding community so that they too can put their own creative spin on the game.

There are several slight variations of Spider-Man's backstory throughout its numerous retellings, but those who are familiar with the character know that they nearly always begin with the same tragedy. Shortly after Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider, his uncle, Ben Parker, is killed in an act of random violence that Peter could have prevented. This cements Peter's resolve that "with great power comes great responsibility" and is a cornerstone of his motivation to fight crime and protect the innocent as Spider-Man. One modder wanted to let players give Uncle Ben the chance to get his own vengeance, however, and so they created the "Become Uncle Ben" mod.

Uncle Ben's grave return

This new mod doesn't simply reskin Spider-Man as Uncle Ben. Instead, creator Sapphire chose to allow gamers to play as a floating tombstone bearing the words "Ben Parker. Beloved Husband and Uncle. 1952 – 2010." This replaces the Classic Suit (Repaired) in the equipment menu, so players can turn it on and off simply by switching suits in-game.

A video showcasing the mod was uploaded by the YouTuber jedijosh920. Obviously, the dimensions and physics of a floating tombstone aren't going to match up with those of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, so there are a lot of visual glitches that are apparent from the start. The tombstone regularly clips through the floor and other solid objects as it moves and the webs it uses to swing throughout the city seem to appear from somewhere several feet above the top of it. The mod also doesn't do anything to replace the voice of Peter Parker. Still, there's no denying the hilarity of watching dozens of Kingpin's goons being webbed up by a sentient hunk of granite.

Those who wish to install the mod can find it on Nexus Mods, though they will also need to download the "Spider-Man PC Modding Tool" in order to install it.