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DNF Duel: How To Successfully Play As Dragon Knight

"Dungeon Fighter Online" was one of the free-to-play games that made the most money in 2019, and the existence of spinoff title "DNF Duel" points to its continued popularity. Rather than a side-scrolling MORPG, "DNF Duel" is a fully-realized fighting game thanks to the contributions of veteran developer Arc System Works. The studio even gave the entry visuals similar to its hugely successful "Guilty Gear: Strive."

The large cast of characters with an assortment of moves and mechanics can feel overwhelming, but "DNF Duel" comes with a robust Training Mode to help you learn the ins and outs of your preferred fighter. One exciting choice is the Dragon Knight. With some flashy and flame-fueled skills, a shape-shifting dragon gauntlet, and an adorable pet dragon named Astra, she's a strong contender for one of the most unique combatants in "DNF Duel."

Within the genre, there are different archetypes that characters fall into that define their general movesets and utility. While players have limited control over Astra, Dragon Knight is more of a mix-up fighter than a puppet one. Essentially, this means that she's able to change her tactics to come out on top in multiple situations. Whether she's quickly closing the gap between herself and foes or engaging with them from further away with longer-ranged attacks, Dragon Knight's adaptability is one of her greatest appeals.

Tiny dragon Astra is your friend

As helpfully showcased by YouTuber EyeKhanik, Astra is the key to Dragon Knight's kit. The little dragon's ability to zoom toward enemies and release a large area of effect (AoE) attack will be vital to either setting up combos or keeping foes at bay. Astra is also useful for keeping your opponents guessing. Sending your scaly friend in but initiating an attack with Dragon Knight is a good way to make your moves harder to read.

In addition to a large attack area, Astra can spew a steady stream of fireballs. These travel a fair distance across the map and couple nicely with the majority of Dragon Knight's pressure-focused moves. One of Dragon Knight's multiple dash attacks can close the gap between you and your opponent while they're busy worrying about fireballs. Once you're up close, a strong combo will punish enemies for taking their eyes off the bigger threat.