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The Creepy Cult That Connects Two Point Hospital And Two Point Campus

In 2018, Sega published "Two Point Hospital," an oddly charming and humorous title developed by Two Point Studios in which players are tasked with creating a highly profitable hospital. Having made a positive impact with critics due to its lighthearted approach, Two Point Studios would produce a follow-up in 2022 called "Two Point Campus." On the surface, these two games don't have much in common outside of being set within the fictional Two Point County. But deep down, there's a shadier connection, and it's rather unsettling.

In "Two Point Hospital," a group called The Orb Foundation exists and advises its followers not to think for themselves. The Orb Foundation suggests that people get rid of all their money to find true happiness in life. The group operates a collection of wellness centers that look like hospitals, but with patients not allowed to divulge any of the foundation's secrets, the Orb Foundation has developed a reputation for actually being an eerie cult. In-game, this conclusion gains some credence by the fact that agents of The Orb Foundation can apparently affect patients, draining all their happiness while staying at your hospital.

In "Two Point Campus," The Orb Foundation is still working in the shadows, and the group's activities on-campus may make it even creepier than players initially thought.

The Orb Foundation indoctrinates students in Two Point Campus

If players think education is the primary goal in "Two Point Campus," they've got another thing coming. While maintaining metrics like ways to increase student happiness might sound altruistic, it only serves to keep the students — and their money — at a player's school. Bottom line: A player's job is to make money and lots of it, even if it's made by potentially crippling some students' futures. Enter The Orb Club, a student club based entirely around The Orb Foundation.

As noted by GameSpot, installing an Orb Club is a great way to generate tons of cash to fund players' "educational" enterprises during the game's Upper Etching phase — a section in the campaign where players are tasked with helping a pre-existing campus turn its students into money-makers. The Orb Club is paid in full by The Orb Foundation, but it will instantly begin to make students unhappy once they subscribe to the foundation's ideals. That said, there are many ways to increase student happiness if players want to try to balance things out.

So, The Orb Foundation might actually be the shady group denizens of Two Point County believe it to be. The Orb Foundation not only convinces sick patients to revolt against their doctors, but the group also indoctrinates college students by brokering deals with their school's administration. Swell.