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Saints Row: The Easiest Way To Make Money Fast

"Saints Row" is back with all the gun-blazing madness fans of the series have come to expect. Early reactions from critics have suggested that it still has its fair share of bugs and glitches, but praise has been leveled at its action-packed combat system and the massive sandbox that Volition Inc. has made. Those who want to get the most out of the reboot's bombastic gameplay are going to need the best gear, but to do that, you need the one thing players need in every open-world RPG: money.


The new "Saints Row" doesn't just use money for guns and fancy clothes; it's also one of the key elements for building a criminal empire. Players are rewarded with money for virtually every task they complete in the game, so it will constantly be accruing no matter what mischief occurs, but the payouts aren't all created equally. There are definitely a few methods that are more efficient for players who want to make a lot of money really fast.

Main story has the biggest payouts

Early reviews of the game have reported that the main story takes roughly 20 hours to beat, but it can be drawn out quite a bit, depending on how much time players spend doing side-quests. These main missions are spread across 12 different sections, and just like in games like "Grand Theft Auto," the biggest paychecks in "Saints Row" often come from the story missions. These don't just give the player more spending money, they usually tend to jump them up into a whole different tax bracket.


Players can activate main missions through the Missions app on their phone. Completing these will progress the story, unlock new side-missions and extra content, and reward the player with massive infusions of cash. These are the fastest and easiest way to get money. Of course, there will still be lean times during the campaign when the player needs money, but isn't ready to leave a certain segment of the game just yet. That doesn't mean there are no options, though.

Hunting wanted targets is lucrative in the early game

Of all the side hustles on offer in "Saints Row," hunting wanted targets probably earns the biggest payout. Players who wish to catch wanted criminals in the name of justice (and money) simply need to open the Wanted app on their phone and select a target from the listings.


The bounty description will tell the player who they're looking for, why the target has a price on their head, the target's location, and the financial/experience rewards that the player will receive if the criminals are captured. Each of these bounties rewardsthe player with $5,000 and 1,200XP. This is a pretty generous amount in the early portions of the game, during which money tends to be a bit more sparse.

This won't hold up for the entire campaign, but it does make for a great way to make some seed money that can be spent or used to invest in the player's primary source of income: ventures.

Ventures grant passive income

As many a YouTube entrepreneur might tell you, the secret to true wealth is passive income — at least, that is certainly the case in "Saints Row." While story missions and hunting wanted targets will give players the biggest cash infusions, one of the best ways to consistently make money throughout the game is by investing in Criminal Ventures. Players can do this as soon as they have progressed far enough in the main story that empty lots become purchasable.


The first deed that players will acquire is JimRob's Garage, which can be obtained for free. After that, players will have to pay steadily increasing prices to invest in new ventures around town, but it's like they say: You have to spend money to make money. Each of these ventures will slowly contribute thousands of dollars, which can then be transferred to the player's account using the cash app. The more expensive buildings will contribute more money to the player's growing criminal empire. 

The payout amount from each of these ventures can also be increased by completing special missions and removing threats to the operation in the area. It's not the fastest way to make money, but it's probably the most reliable.