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Classic Authors Become Deadly Warriors In This Bizarre Fighting Game

Ever since "Super Smash Bros." began crossing over with obscure characters across video games, there has been a push from fighting games to bring together a variety of fighters. This has resulted in characters like Rambo joining "Mortal Kombat 11" and Warner Bros. Games letting Shaggy, Batman, and LeBron James throw down. Now, one indie developer has created a fighting game that brings together some of the greats — the greatest writers, that is.

"Write 'n' Fight" is a 2D fighting game available on Steam that pits some of history's greatest writers against each other. While the gimmick here is that all of the fighters are authors, don't expect anyone to bust out a quill pen and inkwell. If you ever wanted to see Fyodor Dostoevsky versus Ernest Hemingway or Charles Dickens beat down H.P. Lovecraft, "Write 'n' Fight" might just scratch that itch. A trailer is available on YouTube, showing off the different modes. In addition to the classic fighting mode, there is one called Prophet mode, which has players enter inputs prior to the fight and let the fight play out on its own based on those inputs. While "Write 'n' Fight" seems like a perfectly silly and fun time, there is one unfortunate downside.

Write 'n' Fight isn't very good apparently

"Write 'n' Fight" is listed as releasing on August 22, 2022, but is not currently available for purchase. A glance at its limited-number of reviews might provide some insight into why it's not currently available to buy. The game only has 11 reviews, but has the "mostly negative" listing. One reviewer wrote "I wasn't expecting an amazing game to be released but I was expecting it to be actually functional. When you start the game and you select 1p vs AI the game crashes back to main menu every time. The game has very very bad issues with slowdown and isn't optimized at all."

Another review critiqued the fighting game for lacking controller support. While it's on Steam and controller support isn't required, it's something that the fighting game community expects, as controllers often make playing more fluid and manageable. As for why it was pulled from sale, the developer responded to the negative review stating that the errors and bad optimization was an issue with the game itself, but instead was a packaging error. The developer continued to say that it is currently being adjusted and reuploaded to Steam and that the issues should be resolved once that process is completed.