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Madden 23: How To Call Fake Audibles

The latest edition of the venerable "Madden" series just released and, according to critics, it's a return form for a series that has experienced a slump in recent years. Fans are already diving into the new and improved experience, checking out the latest features and exploring the various game modes. If you're among these fans, you're probably looking for any tips or tactics that can give you an edge over your competition.

While some are content to simply pick a play and run it to the best of our ability, the true "Madden" champs will use every strategy and feature at their disposal to them and edge and eke out a win. Calling hot routes, utilizing skill-based passing, and calling audibles to change up plays on the fly are all on the table and can mean the difference between a sack and a touchdown.

For the truly tricky among us, another option to consider is the fake audible. Once you know how to use this strategy, you can keep your opponent off balance, preventing them from guessing what you'll do next.

Fake audible to keep your opponent guessing

Calling an audible allows you to change the play while lined up so you can respond to your opponent's formation. Of course, your opponent will hear your quarterback calling out signals and may call their own audible. Still, when you know you've picked the wrong play, audibles are a great way to go. However, you can take things a step further with a fake audible.

As Mark Delaney at GameSpot points out, calling a fake audible allows you to keep the same play you called while making the other side think you're changing it. This can throw your opponent off balance, making them think you've seen a weakness in their formation and get them scrambling to change their play. This can cause them to make a mistake or simply get them to change from a play that was going to stop you to one that won't. Fortunately, calling a fake audible is one of the easier things to do in "Madden."

To call a fake audible, hit the audible button (X for Xbox, Square for PlayStation) after your team has lined up to open the audible menu. Pick one the audible options and your quarterback will start calling out the changes. After this, select reset play from the menu and your quarterback will call the signal to return to the original play. Your team will know it will be sticking to the original plan. Your opponent will hear a bunch of codewords and have no idea what you're up to. If you play it right, you can trick your opponent into looking for changes that aren't coming and catch them off guard.