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The Tragic Reason Why FaZe Cizzorz Left Streaming For Two Years

Established in 2010, FaZe Clan has grown into a hybrid organization that encompasses gaming, streaming, and esports. It has expanded to include its own fashion line and its current roster features dozens of members. Some of these members have changed over the years, with old ones leaving and new ones joining. Now it appears that after a two year hiatus, FaZe Cizzorz has returned to the fold.

Jack "Cizzorz" Cizek has been a member of FaZe Clan since March 2018. He is a streamer and content creator, largely known for playing multiplayer titles like "Rocket League," "Minecraft," "Fall Guys," and "Among Us." In his brief time with FaZe, he managed to amass a pretty sizable viewership, with 2 million followers on Twitch and 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube. In early 2021, Cizzorz posted a video on his channel announcing that he had stopped streaming and left the FaZe Clan mansion to move back home. He stated that, like many people, 2020 had proven a difficult year for him, and that his mental wellbeing had suffered. But there was more to the story.

Cizzorz' dad has Alzheimer's

It's easy to fall for the misconception that the life of a professional streamer is easy, but the mental toll of constantly being in the public eye can be a lot for anyone to handle. Even within FaZe Clan, several members have come forward and shared the tragic details of their struggles with issues ranging from addiction to depression. In Cizzorz' case, he said in his video that he had isolated himself more and more, and that he was generally unhappy. Then he revealed another bombshell.

Cizzorz stated that, after considering it for awhile, he returned home to spend as much time with his family in Minnesota as possible. His father's Alzheimer's diagnosis played a pivotal role in this choice. Now it seems he has returned to content creation and FaZe Clan. Cizzorz posted a tweet on August 28 that links to a TwitLonger reiterating the reasons why he left. Beyond his dad's condition, he struggled with a period of intense self-loathing, though he felt he had finally left that period behind him. "Happy to say I'm back, feeling healthy and happy, and I'm loving streaming again. I hope to see you in a stream soon, thanks for you support over the years, I'm truly blessed," Cizzorz concluded.