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Halo Infinite: How To Easily Beat Harbinger

The "Halo" series is over 20 years old, with its first entry in the series, "Halo: Combat Evolved," debuting back in 2001. While much of its popularity can be attributed to its popular multiplayer PvP mode, the "Halo" series still offers its fair share of beloved single-player/co-op campaigns. The newest entry in the series, "Halo Infinite," even changed the long-standing campaign formula. "Halo Infinite" lets players explore an open world featuring many interesting locations and fearsome enemies. It's something that both critics and gamers enjoyed – despite six months of information scarcity regarding when "Halo Infinite" would see promised co-op campaign functionality.

However, not every threat in "Halo Infinite" is easy to take down. For example, bosses in "Halo Infinite" can give players a lot of trouble if they are unprepared, especially when playing on more intense difficulties. One of the most challenging bosses in "Halo Infinite" is the final enemy in the game: the Harbinger. Here are some tips and tricks so players can easily beat the Harbinger in "Halo Infinite."

Mobility is the key to victory

Players encounter the Harbinger at the end of the "Silent Auditorium" mission in a circular arena. The Harbinger begins the fight by shielding herself and ordering other foes to overwhelm Master Chief. Grunts, Brutes, Jackals, Skimmers, and Elites all make an appearance.

The key to this fight is for players to stay mobile. Master Chief's upgraded Thrusters and Grappleshot prove especially useful. Players should remain on the move whenever possible and kill enemies quickly to avoid getting overrun. Players should also look for a doorway that lights up blue, which signals that it will release enemies. 

Between waves, the Harbinger's shield will briefly go down, and she will start to teleport around the room. Players can freely blast away at the boss at this time but should watch out for pulsating blue orbs that deal explosive damage. Players can also utilize this time to pick up any needed weapons or equipment from the lower-level walls.

After a few cycles, players will face a final, even more challenging wave of enemies, including Jackal Snipers and Brute Chieftains with Gravity Hammers. A good strategy here is to take the higher ground and work on the Jackal Snipers while avoiding the Brute Chieftains' Gravity Hammers. After the wave, the Harbinger's shield will finally go down, and players can finish off the boss. Afterward, players can enjoy their reward, a cutscene signaling the end of the "Halo Infinite" campaign.