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Outcast 2 - What We Know So Far

THQ Nordic gave fans plenty to look forward to at their Digital Showcase 2022 livestream. Among the big announcements and updates were upcoming remakes of "Alone in the Dark" and "Gothic 1" as well as a sequel to the classic "Jagged Alliance" series. In addition, THQ Nordic continued its trend of reviving beloved games with an update on "Outcast 2."


A follow-up to the cult classic from 1999, "Outcast 2" sees players again taking on the role of Cutter Slade and exploring the planet of Adelpha. Equipped with an array of sci-fi weapons, a jetpack, and mysterious alien powers, Slade will fight to defend the Talan people from robot invaders.

The original "Outcast" is fondly remembered by fans and credited by The Escapist with being a forerunner of open-world gameplay. Now, fans will finally get a chance to return to Adelpha and see if "Outcast" still has some magic left. The question is, when will they be able to dive in, and what will this new title play like?

Does Outcast 2 have a release date?

Despite being announced by THQ Nordic almost a year ago, "Outcast 2" still doesn't have a release date yet. The "Outcast 2" website and Steam page both list the title as "coming soon." Unfortunately, its moment in the spotlight at THQ's showcase didn't give any additional hints of when fans can expect to get their hands on the game. With no release date or even a general window being announced, it's anyone's guess as to when players will be able to return to Adelpha.


Some prospective players may want to use the time before the title's release to track down an elusive PS5 or Xbox Series X|S. Currently, "Outcast 2" will only be available on the newest generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles — as well as PC. If players haven't upgraded their consoles or PC hardware yet, and they're fans of the original "Outlast," the sequel may be the catalyst that convinces players to upgrade their gaming equipment.

Is there a trailer for Outcast 2?

While THQ won't yet say when "Outcast 2" is coming out, it has given fans a few glimpses of what to expect when the game does release. The announcement trailer didn't offer too much to go on, but it did establish that players would be returning to the planet of Adelpha and helping the native Talan. The trailer also offered some shots of Cutter Slade running through the jungle and discovering a massacred Talan village.


Along with the announcement trailer, THQ also released a trailer focused on the world of Adelpha, offering some excellent views of locations and scenery on the planet. The trailer includes lush jungles, dark caverns, strange ruins, and Talan villages and cities. It also previews the new antagonists: an invading robot army. This trailer closed with some brief clips of gameplay that showcased shooting, flying with a jetpack, and using a force shield for offense or defense.

Fans got a brand new trailer at the THQ showcase. This one is titled "Legend of the Ulukaï," and it references what the Talan called Slade in the last game. This trailer focuses on the protagonist and offers a much more detailed look at the gameplay.


What's will Outcast 2 gameplay be like?

Between the most recent trailer and information from the game's website or Steam page, players get a pretty good idea about how gameplay will function in "Outcast 2." As with its predecessor, there will be an open world with a nonlinear story and plenty of exploration to do. Exploration and traversal are aided by Slade's jetpack, which allows Slade to cover large distances and perform a variety of maneuvers quickly. He can even spring into a diving attack in combat.


Apart from diving, combat will also involve plenty of third-person shooting with various weapons. Bolstering these mechanics are blocking and melee attacks with a shield. Weapons will be moddable, with multiple upgrades offering bonuses or assistance to Slade while out adventuring. There have also been references to Talan powers that sound like magic, but there haven't been examples yet.

That's everything known so far, but THQ will undoubtedly reveal more as time goes on and development continues.