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Flashback 2 - What We Know So Far

30 years ago, "Flashback" made a splash in the gaming world with a winning combination of sci-fi, action, and adventure. And now, three decades later, it's getting a sequel. Announced as "in-production" in May 2021, "Flashback 2" is already well on its way. In fact, it might be here sooner than most gamers expect.


Building off of the original "Flashback," "Flashback 2" will see the return of the inaugural title's creator, Paul Cuisset. Back in 1992, when "Flashback" was released, it captured the hearts of players and critics, even going on to be called game of the year by some publications. Now, Cuisset is working alongside the Paris-based publishing and development team Microids with hopes of delivering a sequel that meets, if not exceeds, "Flashback." With the work Microids has done on projects like the remake of classic shooter "XIII" and the accidentally early-launched "Blacksad," there's a wide range of talent going into "Flashback 2." Here's what is known about "Flashback 2" so far.

When is the release date for Flashback 2?

The "Flashback 2" release date hasn't been firmly nailed down yet, but there is a release window available. When the trailer for the game came out, players came to expect "Flashback 2" sometime in winter 2022. However, on Aug. 22, 2022, Microids shared an update on Twitter to announce that the release window had to be pushed back to sometime in 2023. Though some may take this news as disappointing, a few fans shared supportive comments, urging the developers to take their time.


Once "Flashback 2" releases sometime in 2023, it'll be available on a wide variety of platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. As of now, there isn't a price point listed for any console, so gamers will have to wait patiently for further updates regarding specific dates, affordability, and any further details the team behind "Flashback 2" chooses to reveal.

Is there a trailer for Flashback 2?

So far, there's just one trailer for "Flashback 2," and it's just under a minute. Heavily stylized, the trailer features mysterious, upbeat electronic music and distorted looks at gameplay footage. It opens by letting viewers know it's 30 years later, making a connection to the original "Flashback." Gameplay footage on a desktop screen surrounded by various moving digital shapes for style reflects the classic side-scroller style that "Flashback" is known for.


Combat footage follows, as well as a glimpse of a giant statue of someone – likely protagonist Conrad B. Hart – as the excitement elevates with each passing gameplay glimpse. Gameplay footage continues with cityscapes, motorcycles, monsters and more. The various screens, projections, sculptures, digital shapes, and other abstract components of the trailer come together as the camera zooms out to reveal them all above a console floating in space – the source of the images themselves. It all wraps up with an end screen revealing title, console, and even release window information.

What will gameplay be like in Flashback 2?

Thanks to the informative trailer, there's a strong visual sense of what gameplay will look like in "Flashback 2." That being said, what was shared was heavily stylized and potentially difficult to decipher. Fortunately, more details about gameplay were made available through developer Microids' site.


According to the info from Microids, "Flashback 2" will be in 2.5D, blending modern gameplay norms with the retro feel of the original. The game's plot picks up after Conrad defeats the Master Brain, only to be dragged into a fight with the dangerous Morphs again. Morphs kidnap Conrad's friend, Ian, spurring the hero to unravel the complex mystery that unfolds throughout the game.

Players can look forward to five large-scale levels that each have its own theme, including the Jungle, City, Mutant Village, GBI Academy, and Morph Ship. While traversing these locales, players can choose whether to handle threats with force or by stealthily avoiding confrontation. Players will have options to upgrade equipment throughout the game and build armor to protect themselves from foes. Additionally, the Moto Jet will serve as transit, and there's even a chance to pilot a Mecha. All in all, "Flashback 2" seems fit to please fans of the original, and it's only a short wait away.