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Everything Added In PS5's September 2022 System Update

It may not feel like it, but the PlayStation 5 has been on the market for almost two years now, and although the cost of a PS5 has increased, so has the number of features available on the device. For example, the new revamped PlayStation Plus has changed how the system functions for many people. Additionally, a handful of firmware updates have added new functionality to the device and improved its stability.


Some of these additions brought by the firmware updates include the ability to store PS5 games on a USB device, the addition of M.2 SSD storage capability, and the ability to access the PS5 via the PS Remote Play app using mobile data on compatible devices (per PSU). Sony is showing no signs of slowing up on its upgrades to the PS5.

Recently, a new system update was released to all PlayStation users after being in Beta for some time. This update includes a new resolution option, quality of life changes, and additional social features. Below is everything added to the PS5 September 2022 update.

1440p resolution support and more

The biggest change coming to the PS5 with the September update is the addition of 1440p HDMI video output support. Gamers with a 1440p monitor or TV can now run games at their screen's native resolutions. In addition, 1440p screens can benefit from better visuals via supersampling on some 4K resolution titles. To switch to 1440p resolution output, players must have a compatible 1440p monitor and adjust the resolution via the Screen and Resolution tab in the PS5's settings.


This update also brought a few quality-of-life improvements via additional menu features. Specifically, players now have access to a Games List feature. The Games List feature allows players to categorize their games into lists for better organization. Players can access this feature in the Your Collection tab. In addition, progress activities, such as achievements, were added to the Resume Activity screen for better access. Players can also now compare 3D audio and stereo audio via a new menu.

The September PS5 firmware update also adds a handful of social features. Players can now request to watch other party members' gameplay using a request share screen option next to a player's name. Additionally, players will get a notification when they join a party asking if they want to join any available party member's game. Finally, players can now see players' profiles when receiving a friend request, in addition to being able to send stickers and voice messages in the Game Base card.