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How To Get Splatoon 3's Save Data Bonus

"Splatoon 3" is finally here, and although hackers have already been causing trouble in Splatsvillecritics and players alike are loving "Splatoon 3." However, some gamers who have spent considerable time in "Splatoon 2" may be hesitant about switching over to "Splatoon 3," as they will lose their items and rank.

Thankfully, "Splatoon 3" allows players to transfer their "Splatoon 2" save file to "Splatoon 3" so they don't have to start from the bottom all over again. Returning players will also receive in-game rewards, such as Gold Sheldon Licenses that can be exchanged for main weapons. In addition, returning players will gain access to Anarchy Battles immediately, regardless of level, and receive a competitive rank that reflects their "Splatoon 2" rank.

Because of all the benefits awarded to returning players, there is no reason not to transfer a "Splatoon 2" save file. And thankfully, transferring a "Splatoon 2" save to "Splatoon 3" is a simple process. But gamers will need to be careful about what save file they transfer, as this process can only be performed once. Below is how to transfer a "Splatoon 2" save to "Splatoon 3" and receive the bonuses that come with it.

Transferring saves only takes a few seconds

Unfortunately, as outlined by Nintendo, if a player has already played an online "Splatoon 3" match without transferring their save, they are out of luck. That being said, the first step in this process is to launch "Splatoon 2" to ensure that the save data and associated user account the player wants to transfer are located on the Switch before booting up "Splatoon 3."

The easiest way to check the "Splatoon 2" save file on a Switch is by booting up the game and inspecting the profile listed on the main menu. Anyone that does not have "Splatoon 2" installed on their Switch can still check its existing save data. To do this, users must go to the Delete Save setting under the Data Management menu in System Settings. If the user doesn't see a save file that is supposed to be there, they can check the Game Save Data is Missing or Cannot Be Read (Corrupted Save Data) support page for additional assistance.

After players know what save they want to transfer and have confirmed they have the latest "Splatoon 3" software installed, they can then launch "Splatoon 3" from the same Home Menu as the "Splatoon 2" data and select 'Import!' on the save import popup. Once the transfer is complete, the Gold Sheldon Licenses and the player's updated rank will automatically appear on their "Splatoon 3" profile.