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The Bizarre SNES Racing Game You Likely Never Played

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It was a tough pill to swallow when Nintendo discontinued production for both NES and SNES Classics in 2021, but it wasn't exactly a surprise given a focus on more modern consoles. That being said, retro gamers who have access to the unparalleled SNES now officially have bragging rights. As for the rest of the world, fortunately, there is a workaround that allows some key SNES games to be played on the Switch.


The SNES has unique appeal as one of Nintendo's best consoles, and there's even more people looking back at it since the world mourned the death of its creator Masayuki Uemura in late 2021. Even though it is a relic of the past, the SNES set the groundwork for what Nintendo has gone on to do, and some of its best games are still worth revisiting.

Though the world is well-familiar with SNES hits like "Super Metroid" and "Super Mario World" among other equally super selections, there are also plenty of hidden gems on the console. For those lucky enough to have access to an SNES or a workaround, this uncanny racing game may offer some intrigue.

Uniracers met a cruel fate

Fans of "Tony Hawk" and other offbeat sports games may be intrigued by 1994 SNES title "Uniracers," a cheeky take on the racing genre that features sentient unicycles in a "Uni-verse" created by a "Unigod." Created by Nintendo and DMA Design – a company that later went on to become Rockstar North and create "GTA" — "Uniracers" would likely have a way wider audience if released today given the growth of both companies since last century (via GameTyrant). And there's another major sticking point. Pixar filed and won a major design lawsuit against DMA Design over a unicycle doppelgänger. Because of this, only 300,000 units were allowed to see the light of day, largely limiting the game's success.


That being said, a few copies of "Uniracers" are out there on eBay and Amazon, and it's well worth a play. In "Uniracers," players can compete in tours which feature two race tracks, two circuit tracks, and a stunt track. Race tracks are self-explanatory, while circuit tracks are quite similar yet repetitious. Stunt tracks are where things get interesting. 45 seconds is all players have to rack up enough points to advance to the next round. Players have an abundance of options for stunts and tricks, not to mention design choices, offering rich and whimsical gameplay. Though getting one's hands on "Uniracers" is easier said than done, those lucky enough to give it a spin will have a memorable and unique experience despite Pixar's best efforts.