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Bayonetta 3 Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

The original Bayonetta released in North America back in 2010 to rave reviews from critics. A game you should definitely avoid playing around your parents, "Bayonetta" kicked off a new series that would impress fans of over the top action, hack-and-slash combat, and beautiful, butt-kicking witches. A sequel followed in 2014, which got an even better reception by improving on the gameplay that came before as well as building on the already complex timeline of the series.


With so many years since the release of the last game in the series, fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the upcoming "Bayonetta 3." Nintendo finally satisfied their curiosity with its Nintendo Direct presentation on Sept. 13. Among other major reveals, like the upcoming "Pikmin 4" and the next game in the "Legend of Zelda" series, fans got an update on the "Bayonetta" sequel and even got an in-depth look at its gameplay.

Does Bayonetta 3 have a release date?

Excited fans won't have to wait much longer to finally get to play "Bayonetta 3." After eight years since the release of the last game, the third game in the series will be launching on Oct. 8, 2022. The release will include both standard physical and digital editions of the game, as well as the Trinity Masquerade Edition, which will include some alternate game covers and other bonus items.


Unfortunately for PlayStation and Xbox players, "Bayonetta 3" will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. While the original game was available for other consoles, Nintendo has since taken over the series from Sega and is now publishing the games. While there is some hope that "Bayonetta 3" will eventually be available for PS5 and Xbox users, it seems unlikely at this time. For now, only gamers with a Switch can count on being able to play come October.

Is there a trailer for Bayonetta 3?

Nintendo has released several trailers for "Bayonetta 3" over the past year. In September 2021, fans got a first look trailer that reintroduced the game's titular protagonist and teased some classic "Bayonetta" gameplay. This trailer showed "Bayonetta" facing off against some new type of monster in a destroyed city as soldiers look on. 


Then, in July 2022, another trailer launched with a release date and a few more details about the game's story. Gamers got a look at the new enemies of the series, homunculi, as well as some of the supporting cast including new witch-in-training, Viola.

Finally, Nintendo treated fans to a double-dose of "Bayonetta" previews at the September Nintendo Direct. First a more detailed look at Bayonetta's allies was showcased during the event itself. This was followed by an extended gameplay trailer that premiered after Nintendo Direct wrapped up. This final trailer finally offered a closeup look at the "Bayonetta 3" gameplay with a focus on new additions to the series.

What will the Bayonetta 3 gameplay be like?

At its core, "Bayonetta 3" looks to feature the same hack-and-slash gameplay that fans love. Players will get to strut in high-heeled shoes of Bayonetta and take on enemies with melee attacks, dual pistols, and magic. In addition to these staples of the series, it looks like new mechanics and twists are being introduced.


As revealed in the latest trailer, Bayonetta will be able to enter Witch Time, the game's version of bullet time, after perfectly timing a dodge. Players will also be able to summon demons to aid them in battle, link attacks with these demons, and even combine demon combos with Witch Time to truly overpower enemies.

Building on these demon powers, Bayonetta will now be able to take on various demon forms. These forms will augment her powers in combat but some will also prove useful outside of combat as well. Some forms will open up new travel mechanics, allowing players to access otherwise off-limits areas of the map and encourage more exploration of the environment. In addition to all the cool new powers for Bayonetta, players will also get to take control of Viola, a new character with her own powers and playstyle. 


Finally, "Bayonetta 3" will feature multiple difficulty modes, as well as an item known as the Immortal Marionette. When equipped, this item will make combat far easier but penalize player combat scores when used at higher difficulties. This item will be a welcome addition for fans who simply want to experience the story without being challenged too much.