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Splatoon 3: The Best Ways To Use The Zipcaster

"Splatoon 3" is finally here, and those critics are all saying the same thing: "Splatoon 3" is loads of fun, and there's plenty for players to look forward to. Those seeking to jump into the squiddy fun after playing "Splatoon 2" should make sure they grab their save data bonus of Gold Sheldon Licenses. Doing so will help them on their way to nabbing some of the newest gear, including the high-octane Zipcaster. 

As a Special Weapon, this powerful tool is awarded to "Splatoon 3" players when they've covered enough turf with their ink to fully charge their Special Weapon gauge. This tool allows players to briefly become a tentacle-flinging ninja capable of quickly traversing the battleground. Due to its unique mechanics, it can take some getting used to before becoming an indispensable weapon in one's arsenal, but experimenting with its far-flinging prowess can offer some interesting ways to get the upper-hand against enemy players.

Zip 'N Slide

Some Special Weapons in "Splatoon 3," like the Tacticooler and Wave Breaker, only require the player to throw them down before immediately going into effect. The Zipcaster, however, isn't a set-it-and-forget-it weapon, but an active power-up for any Inkling or Octoling.

Once activated, a player's character transforms and the Special Weapon gauge begins counting down. The Zipcaster replaces the player's grenade button with the ability to point and zip to any surface within range. Zipping to a point leaves a damaging area of effect via a big splat of ink, and if players have good aim and are quick enough, they can even Zipcast to enemy locations and instantly eliminate their opponent. Weapons are still equipped while using the Zipcaster, allowing players to sneak behind foes and eliminate them. If things get really dodgy, the Zipcaster's final function — when the timer runs out — is to throw its user through the air, back to where it was activated.

While the Zipcaster may not excel at spreading ink, zooming around the map at top speed makes it much easier to find large spots of enemy ink before covering it up in a jiffy (with the right weapon, of course). The Zipcaster's also allows players to zip up to the top corners of a map, where they can survey the battle and make a plan for where to head next.