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GTA 6 Leak References A Minor GTA 5 Character Assumed To Be Dead

Media leaks are usually — more or less — a marketing ploy. It's just a fun way of teasing content before it's time to officially release a teaser trailer (also known as the worst kind of trailer of them all) that hints at the ACTUAL trailer that teases the movie. That is sometimes the case, but not always. Rockstar Games, the studio behind "Red Dead Redemption" and "Grand Theft Auto," suffered one such leak on Sept. 18th, 2022. The massive leak has fans losing their minds, as a three gigabyte file, full of in-game footage (comprised of 90 videos, to be precise, that add up to roughly 50 minutes worth of viewing) for Rockstar Games' upcoming title, "Grand Theft Auto 6," was released on a GTA forum in the early hours of the morning. 


And, as Jason Schreier confirmed on Twitter, this was probably done against the studio's wishes, meaning that it was almost definitely a hack. While we wait to hear about the legal ramifications of the historically massive leak (although this isn't the first leak Rockstar Games has suffered), there's more than enough information hidden away in the footage to keep fans of the GTA series busy until the official release of, well, anything, really. Rockstar Games isn't known for a timely schedule. One such interesting tidbit tucked away in the leak that's worth noting is how the NPC's are going to be, in a word, unhinged.

A Non Player Character insists that Jay Norris is still alive

As noted by @Who2Pitts on Twitter, one of the "GTA 6" leaks features a Non Player Character with some hilariously out of pocket conspiracy theories. In the clip, and in response to another NPC discussing their personal social media usage, this charming man says, "yeah, so Jay Norris can download your f****** brain and sell it to the Chinese." To this, the other NPC insists that Jay Norris is dead, but our little conspiracy theorist is having absolutely none of it. "Oh, yeah, he's dead, is he?" he asks. "Just like there's a country called Finland and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." He doesn't stop there, but the purposes of this article, we will. 


For those who haven't played "Grand Theft Auto 5," Jay Norris is the founder of LifeInvader, a social media site which is a thinly veiled scheme to sell user information to governments. Canonically, Jay Norris is very, very dead. His head popped like a balloon on (in-game) live television. The game isn't even a little bit vague about his mortal status, so it's interesting to see "Grand Theft Auto 6" use this as a way to evidence the dysfunctional mental state of whoever this particular NPC is.