Cameron Roy Hall

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United States Of America
Vernon College, Midwestern State University
Movies & Television, Video Games, Musical Theatre
  • Cameron Roy Hall is a musical theatre performer that blends his passion for the stage with a compulsory need to write. He has scripted plays and adapted stories for regional theatres, acting companies, and educational festivals. His works include an unofficial stage parody of “Super Smash Bros.”
  • Cameron Roy Hall is a digital artist that combines his stylus with his favorite stories from the screen, the stage, and the page. Fan art … he makes fan art. His work includes personalized character posters that replace Broadway costume designs with the relevant commissioner’s own portrayal.
  • Cameron Roy Hall describes his writing voice as an amalgamation of good faith discourse and unrepentant snark. His tendency to ramble comes into direct conflict with his desire for concision, and he believes that, somewhere in the middle of that mess, he finds the perfect story.


Cameron Roy Hall is a News Writer for SlashFilm. He previously wrote for Looper (and SVG, occasionally) but made the switch when he was offered the chance to dive even deeper into narrative-based discourse. Whenever the opportunity arises, he writes about high fantasy, superheroes, anime, video games, or mythology. His older bylines can be found on The Gamer and Brave Writer.


Cameron Roy Hall earned a Bachelor of Arts from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, where he studied Industrial and Organizational Psychology — and promptly did nothing with it. Before he entered higher learning, he studied through home education, where his focus gravitated toward writing for professional and entertainment settings.
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