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This Was Dream's Fastest Minecraft Speedrun Of All Time

Dream is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber who rose to super-stardom thanks to his "Minecraft" videos. After launching his career, he saw incredible success through 2020 and now has over 30 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The gamer is primarily known for two things. First, he has remained anonymous and never shown his face on camera. While fans have been eager to get a glimpse of him and there have been some fake-outs and misunderstandings in the past, Dream has managed to keep his identity a secret. It looks like this will change in the near future, as Dream has announced plans to finally reveal his face to the world.

The other thing he's known for is his incredible skill in "Minecraft," which he showcases in his videos and streams. Playing in various modes and with various mods, Dream has proven he knows the ins and outs of the game. This is perhaps best highlighted in some of the speedruns that he has completed in the past, especially his fastest speedrun of all time.

Dragon slain in just under 22 minutes and 7 seconds

While, for many, "Minecraft" is about exploring a randomly generated world and building amazing creations, there is technically a final boss that can be found and defeated. Opening a portal to a hidden area and triumphing over the Ender Dragon serves as the basis of "Minecraft" speedruns and, in 2020, Dream managed to accomplish this goal in record time.

Preserved forever in a video on his YouTube channel, Dream created a portal and found and defeated the dragon in 22 minutes and 6.9 seconds. In the video's description, Dream explained that this was a new world record at the time, beating out the previous record of 22:18. While this milestone would be beaten shortly after and Dream has moved on from speedruns to other types of "Minecraft" content, it still stands as one of his greatest accomplishments in the game. Though some of his other "Minecraft" speedruns prompted drama and accusations of cheating, to which he later admitted doing accidentally, this run was verified as a legitimate record.

Speedrunning "Minecraft" has since become much more popular and times have decreased considerably. Dream won't be found on the leaderboards anymore with his retirement from that particular activity. Still, this speedrun stands out as a highlight of his burgeoning career.