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The Best Ways To Level Up Fast In Splatoon 3

"Splatoon 3" is the Nintendo shooting, er painting, multiplayer game that exceeded all expectations when it was released. Critics all said the same thing – the game's good, and it perfected the gaming series while introducing some fun, innovative game modes. Now that players have been able to get their hands on the game, everyone's trying to figure out the quickest way to level up.

Leveling up in "Splatoon 3" gives players access to new weapons and new game modes, and even weapons and gear can be leveled up to unlock better abilities and give players an edge in their games. It's also fun for players to try out new weapons and find things they like, and leveling up is key to that process. And of course, the quicker the leveling, the sooner players can unlock new things. There are two main ways to level up quickly: ranked play and Food Tickets. 

Ranked Play gets the job done

One way to start leveling up in "Splatoon 3" is by playing in Ranked matches. In "Splatoon 3," any game mode will count towards your rank, and you can level up in any of these game modes (via SplatoonWiki). 

The catch with Ranked Play is that experience for leveling up is only given to players on the winning team, as Reddit user Lazuli42 explained. In a Ranked setting where players are matched together because they're all at similar skill levels, this can be a bit of a coin toss. There are ways to win more consistently that Lazuli also pointed out, like using the Aerospray MG weapon in Turf War. Because the weapon has a high spraying rate and it covers a lot of area at once, it's highly successful in that specific game mode. 

Because Ranked Play can be so finicky — especially with server issues that take up even more time — a lot of players look to Food Tickets to level up quickly. 

The true victor: Food Tickets

Food Tickets are generally thought to be the quickest way to level up in "Splatoon 3." According to Reddit user SquigglyLegend33, there are three tiers of Food Tickets that can help boost you and your team's experience for 20 games with 50% additional experience for the player, 100% additional experience for the player, or 100% additional experience for the entire team. These can even stack between players, but a single player can't use multiple at a time.

YouTube channel NintendoCade Gaming explained the various different ways that players can get Food Tickets in "Splatoon 3." The Story Mode, or Hero Mode, is the first way to get them as playing through it will reward players with Food Tickets every now and then. Once players unlock the Catalog, the channel pointed out that there are plenty of Food Tickets to be gained. 

The last way to get Food Tickets is by the Ticket Machine, or the Shell-Out Machine. Every day, players can spend 3,000 coins for the chance to get tickets that can be traded for Food Tickets. More tickets can be bought daily, but the price jumps significantly after the first one.