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Fall Guys: How To Get Every Sound Of The Future Event Reward

"Fall Guys" is known for its wild crossovers with multiple IP. After "Fortnite" developer Epic Games acquired "Fall Guys" last year, things got even wilder. Special items from games like "Fatal Fury" and "Halo" have made their way into the popular platforming battle royale, and now, "Fall Guys" is collaborating with the Japanese virtual superstar Hatsune Miku via a skin in the Premium Season 2 Battle Pass. Also accompanying the skin is the brand new "Sound of Future" event, which provides rewards for anyone participating, regardless of whether they've purchased the battle pass.

The Sound of Future rewards include a "Miku #1 Fan" Nickname and Banner, a unique "Sound of Future" Pattern, an adorable "Miku #1 Fan" backpack Costume Upper piece, and 200 Kudos. However, players will need to do more than qualify in a few round to receive the rewards. Here's how to unlock every reward in the Sound of the Future event before it concludes on October 3.

You've got to do some serious item collecting

To unlock the event rewards, players must collect Miku Tokens. Miku Tokens are awarded upon completing an event challenge. There are ten challenges in total, with each challenge awarding 100 tokens. So, players need a total of 1000 Miku Tokens to unlock all the items.

The first five challenges require players to collect Sound of the Future Items scattered across Core Show maps while satisfying special requirements. The Sound of the Future items are found in the form of either a Glowstick or a Spring Onion. As listed on the event page in the main menu, the first five challenges are:

  • "New Start: Collect a Sound of the Future Item in any Core Show"
  • "Discovery: Collect a Sound of the Future Item in Round 2 of any Core Show"
  • "Virtual Diva: Collect a Sound of the Future Item in Round 3 of any Core Show"
  • "Sound of the Future: Qualify after collecting four or more Sound of the Future Items"
  • "Sound of the Future (2): Qualify after collecting eight or more Sound of the Future Items"

The remaining five challenges have no special requirement, but will require a good bit of grinding. Players will need to collect a total of 220 Glowsticks and 120 Spring Onions to receive the remaining tokens. Thankfully, though, these items exist for each player individually, so players don't have to worry about competing for the same items. It's also worth noting that players don't need to qualify to receive points toward the challenges. Just get to snagging those items!