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Fall Guys: How To Get Fatal Fury's Terry And Mai Skins

When released in 2020, the platform battle royale "Fall Guys" was a record-breaking smash hit. However, "Fall Guys" recently became even more popular after it was made free-to-play following its purchase by video game giant Epic Games.

And like Epic Games' flagship title "Fortnite," since its acquisition "Fall Guys" has been treated to multiple collaborations that have led to some of the most iconic characters in gaming becoming playable in "Fall Guys." One of the most notable examples is Master Chief from the "Halo" series being added to "Fall Guys" as a skin. Its newest collaboration with "Fatal Fury" adds two new limited edition skins to "Fall Guys" in addition to a nameplate and taunt.

For the uninitiated, "Fatal Fury" is a fighting game series that debuted on Neo Geo in the early 90s, developed by "Street Fighter" creator Takashi Nishiyama (per Giantbomb). What set "Fatal Fury" apart from the competition was its focus on story-driven content that highlighted character development. Now, two iconic "Fatal Fury" characters have made their way to "Fall Guys." Here's how to get the Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui skins in "Fall Guys."

It will cost you

Anyone wanting to get their hands on the "Fatal Fury" skins must pull out their wallet. Players can purchase the items via the Featured Items tab in the "Fall Guys" store, accessible through the main menu. There are three options for buying the "Fatal Fury" skins.

Players can buy both skins separately, with the Mai Shiranui and the Terry Bogard skin costing 800 Show-Bucks a piece. However, any player who wants to buy just one of the skins will need to purchase the 1000 Show-Bucks bundle for $10. After the purchase, they will have 200 Show-Bucks left over.

Players can purchase both skins as part of a bundle to receive extra goodies and a discount. This bundle is listed in the store as the Terry-Fic Bundle, selling for 1600 Show-Bucks. So if the player currently has zero Show-Bucks and wants to buy the bundle, they should buy the 2800 bundle for $20 instead of two 1000 bundles at $10 for the best value. Additionally, the two skins come bundled with a red "Shiranui Style of Ninja Arts" nameplate and a "C'mon C'mon" emote.

Anyone interested in the "Fatal Fury" skins will need to pick them up fast before they leave the store on August 8.