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The Real Reason MrBeast Walked Away From A $1 Billion Deal

Known for his high production value videos and infectious personality, Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson has rapidly ascended from an obscure YouTuber to one of the biggest content creators on the platform. Having done severe damage to his bank account in the past with high-quality challenges, such as recreating a true-to-life version of "Squid Game" where participants didn't have to worry about death as the result of failure, MrBeast has ascended into legendary territory and has officially surpassed 100 million subscribers on YouTube. This undoubtedly made his channel one of the most valuable on the platform.

Because of the popularity of his content and the amount of money it pulls in, it's only natural to assume that MrBeast has been approached with some lucrative offers for ownership of the MrBeast brand. As a matter of fact, MrBeast purportedly was approached with an offer that would've been for an exorbitant amount of money — $1 billion, specifically. Unthinkably, MrBeast turned this offer down. But why?

MrBeast isn't ready to relinquish his empire just yet

Obviously, the idea of walking away from $1 billion guaranteed is unfathomable to most people. But for MrBeast, it's not quite enough for him to sell his company and become merely an employee of the brand he built. On a recent episode of the Flagrant podcast, MrBeast revealed what went into his decision of turning down the offer and what any future offer would have to be in order to convince him to part ways with his ownership.

"There's people, not like official term sheets, but ya know, people that actually would be able to afford it [have offered] $1 billion to own the channel and the company and stuff like that," MrBeast said. "I'm like 'oh, that sounds enticing,' but I don't know if I want to work for my YouTube channel." In response to a question about what he would sell his YouTube channel for, MrBeast reached pretty high. "This is gonna sound dumb, but probably like $10 billion, $20 billion," MrBeast told the Flagrant crew. "If they give me the money now. But obviously, in the future, I feel it could be worth way more."

So there you have it. Unless a huge company with massive amounts of money bags comes up with an offer worth at least $10 billion worth, MrBeast will be in charge of his own destiny for the foreseeable future.