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Slime Rancher 2: How To Find Primordy Oil

"Slime Rancher 2" has finally made it into the hands of players eager to explore the vast fields of Rainbow Island while meeting (and making a profit from) a variety of slimes. With so many types, all of which have different diets, there's plenty to know about feeding slimes, including where to obtain specific items for the most particular specimens. Players must find Moondew Nectar, for example, to keep Flutter Slimes alive on the ranch.

Although slimes love to eat, some resources aren't for feeding but upgrading other aspects of the ranch and tools. Primordy Oil is a rare find on Rainbow Island required for several different machine upgrades that make the business of slime ranching much easier. Refinery Links, which can transport goods all the way back to the Lab from anywhere else on Rainbow Island, require Primordy Oil to create. Of course, before getting crafty, players need to know where to find Primordy Oil.

Chart a course for Ember Valley

While it's tempting to rush out and look for Primordy Oil, players can't actually obtain it until they have upgraded their Vacpack with the Resource Harvester. Luckily, it isn't too pricey. Heading into the Lab and feeding the Fabricator 450 Newbucks and 10 Cotton Plorts will bring players one step closer to acquiring Primordy Oil.

Locating Primordy Oil takes a bit of walking since it's found in Ember Valley which players don't have access to right away. To get there, players need to get past the Pink Gordo found on the northwestern corner of Rainbow Island. Typically, Gordos are a tricky obstacle since they require a large amount of their preferred food before granting a player passage. However, Pink Slimes eat anything! Gathering enough food to pass this particular Gordo shouldn't take long at all.

With a Resource Harvester upgrade in hand and Ember Valley access secured, the last step to gathering Primordy Oil is venturing toward Ember Valley's large volcano and into one of its cave systems. There are plenty of hazards, such as Boom Slimes and pits of lava, but some careful searching should lead players to small, black, gooey-looking geysers. It is here where they can finally try harvesting Primordy Oil. Said geysers refill with the passing of each in-game day, so if players find they need more Primordy Oil than they receive in one go they can always come back. Exploring the caves of Ember Valley might even yield some extra rewards, like Batty Slimes!