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Sykkuno Reveals The Worst Part Of Meet-And-Greets

Streamer Sykkuno has done pretty well lately. Since getting fed up with Twitch and making the move to YouTube in May, his popularity has remained steady, with many of his fans following him to the new platform. While he revealed surprising viewership numbers in July, with some metrics down, his live streams proved strong — an outcome Sykkuno appeared happy with.

Despite his successes, Sykkuno has faced his share of worries and disappointments, including tragic details from his past. He's experienced bullying and harassment — both before and after he became a streaming star — and he has had to deal with more than one toxic fan. Beyond these issues, Sykkuno continues to contend with other annoyances that accompany internet celebrity status. He often finds himself frustrated by one behavior in particular exhibited by some people at meet-and-greet events. He recently vented about this reality to fellow streamer Anthony Padilla.

Sykkuno wants to take pictures with his true fans

While speaking to Anthony Padilla on his YouTube channel, Sykkuno delved into the topic of in-person events. He explained that it bothers him when individuals who clearly aren't familiar with him or his work come to take a photo with him. Padilla commiserated with Sykkuno, having faced the same issue himself.

Sykkuno made it clear that the problem stems from his concern for his real fans, not himself. He described instances when, due to time constraints, event staff had closed down lines, depriving some attendees of the chance to meet him. "There would be people who wouldn't know anything about me," Sykkuno stated. "The line would be cut off, so they're taking a spot from someone who's probably a huge fan of mine who went to Anime Expo maybe to see me or something." He said that he sometimes challenges such individuals to name a single game he has streamed. When they can't provide an answer, he knows that they don't follow him and have taken time away from his real viewers.

Sykkuno's aggravation with this behavior speaks to his long-standing appreciation and concern for his supporters. As a Twitch streamer, he would discourage fans from subscribing to his channel, as he felt bad for taking their money when he was already doing well with endorsements and other sources of income. His complaint about faux fans stealing opportunities from his actual followers reinforces his relationship with his viewership.