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Sykkuno Reveals Surprising Viewership After YouTube Switch

Back in early May, Sykkuno and Twitch had a bit of a falling out after Sykkuno felt disrespected by the massive platform that he blew up on in 2021. After that last straw, Sykkuno made the move to YouTube, joining the ranks of streamers switching platforms like Ludwig, Dr Lupo, TimTheTatman, and Myth. Shortly after announcing his platform switch-up, Sykkuno hypothesized that big-name streamers feel like they're replaceable and that they're not respected by Twitch, which he believed is why people are leaving the platform.


Despite more and more people moving to YouTube Gaming, there's still a debate about whether or not the move is ultimately worth it. Switching platforms comes with the risk of losing viewers that may not be willing to change with a streamer. As more and more people made the move, Ludwig pointed out that YouTube and Twitch are pretty different on the content creator side, and streamers have to adapt in order to see the same success they would've on Twitch, which means more creativity and work behind the scenes.

Sykkuno finally revealed his YouTube stats, which include everything from viewership to video comment percentages. The numbers, and YouTube's interpretation of them, were surprising.

Some of Sykkuno's stats are 'very high' while others are 'very low'

In a YouTube stream captured by Twitch Edited Clips, Sykkuno shared his YouTube numbers with his viewers. According to the numbers from YouTube's tracking site, he gets around 330,000 views per video. YouTube's comment underneath the number is that it's "very low," which could be due to the fact that his video viewership is less than 20% of his channel's subscribers.


About 4% of his viewers like the video, which YouTube says is "mid," while only 0.06% of viewers comment, a number that YouTube classifies as "very low." Despite these numbers being all over the place, Sykkuno's live stream numbers are "very high" according to YouTube. He sees about 14,500 viewers a stream with his highest stream getting almost 30,000 viewers. One viewer commented that Sykkuno's last month on Twitch was about 14,600 viewers, so it looks like his move was a pretty major success. As Sykkuno pointed out, he's mainly a streamer, so having high numbers for his live stream was pretty exciting.

Sykkuno approached YouTube's comments with a bit of humor, joking that the red colors of the "very low" text tipped him off that the numbers must not have been that great.