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Dream And MrBeast's Friendship Explained

Dream and MrBeast are two of the most successful YouTubers currently making videos. Both started young and rose to prominence quickly, with Dream focusing on "Minecraft" playthroughs and MrBeast making a variety of content with an emphasis on stunts and giveaways. Today, Dream is still known for being a master of "Minecraft," as well as for keeping his face hidden and protecting his anonymity (although it looks like this will change with an upcoming face reveal). Meanwhile, MrBeast has become a philanthropist, regularly raising money for charity with an entirely separate YouTube channel just for these efforts.

With collaboration common in the streaming community, it's not surprising that these two would get to know each other and even become friends. While they haven't worked together for long, they've already made several together and even come together outside of their streaming careers. It all began with an interview Dream gave in 2021.

Dream and MrBeast: friendship, Minecraft, and burgers

During a revealing interview with Anthony Padilla in 2021, Dream talked about a variety of subjects, including the possibility of revealing his identity in the future and people he'd like to work with, specifically mentioning MrBeast. As MrBeast had recently done a giveaway video featuring "Minecraft," it made sense that Dream would be interested in getting in on the action. Not long after that, Dream got his wish, taking part in a "Minecraft" speedrun while being hunted by other players, including MrBeast and Dream's other good friend, GeorgeNotFound.

For the event, MrBeast put up a million dollars of his own money with the promise to give it away to one lucky fan. The catch was that the amount would go down the longer Dream took to win. This gave both sides plenty of motivation and led to a truly exciting match with Dream pulling off a victory with a last-ditch effort and dealing the final blow to the Ender Dragon with a simple punch. Everyone involved clearly loved the event, with lots of shouting and cheering throughout. Since then, Dream and MrBeast have done more "Minecraft" videos.

MrBeast has even honored his friend with recognition out in the real world. Fans will know that MrBeast started his own divisive burger joint and has sinceĀ taken things to the next level, moving from being delivery exclusive to opening physical locations. As a part of this burger franchise, MrBeast began offering the Dream Burger, which features avocado in recognition of the green background of Dream's logo. Dream was thrilled to get a burger named after him and it was certainly a sign of his continued friendship with MrBeast.