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Horizon Zero Dawn Remake Rumor Has Fans Rolling Their Eyes

"Horizon Zero Dawn" is only five years old, but it still might get a remake. As reported by MP1st, Sony plans to remaster or remake the award-winning RPG for the PlayStation 5 with improved graphics that match the console's capabilities. Industry insider Tom Henderson and Video Games Chronicle later corroborated the original report. Unfortunately, fans seem to want anything besides that.


MP1st claims that the new "Horizon Zero Dawn" is supposed to mimic its sequel "Horizon Forbidden West" with a redone lighting system, textures, and character models. It also includes accessibility features, graphics modes, and overall quality of life changes that carry over from the PS5 version of "Forbidden West." For example, the PlayStation 5 update enables 60fps with 2160p checkerboarding resolution and version that supports VRR (variable refresh rate). A "Horizon" multiplayer project with "big co-op battles against the machines" is also apparently in development. For context, "Horizon Forbidden West" was supposed to have co-op but the team scrapped it.

Still, fans argue that these changes aren't a good enough reason to repackage it as a completely new game. Here's what fans think about the rumored "Horizon Zero Dawn" remake.


Fans say it's too soon

Most of the reactions to the possible "Horizon Zero Dawn" say it's like "The Last of Us Part 1 Remake" all over again. It's too soon. 

"Just to be clear, I think Horizon Zero Dawn is one of last generation's finest games," said Tony Polanco, a Tom's Guide Computing Writer. "But at most it should get a PS5 update, not a (potentially) $70 remake. This isn't a trend Sony should continue. Sets a bad precedent." Polanco said the news was "even worse" after learning about the existing "Zero Dawn" PS5 update.


Others are more bothered by the fact Sony put "Horizon Zero Dawn" at the front of the remake line when many other beloved IPs have been dormant for years.

"How are we prioritizing a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster/remake over oh idk BLOODBORNE or any number of titles from PlayStation IPs that have been dormant for far too long?" said voice actor Yong Yea. "The Legend of Dragoon, "Jak and Daxter," and other IPs over a decade old also showed up on Twitter fans' wish lists.

"Sony wasn't even willing to PORT the Sly Cooper series to PS5 for its 20TH ANNIVERSARY," a disappointed fan tweeted

Benji Sales, a games industry analyst, theorized that Sony could have decided on a remake because of the "Horizon" TV adaptation. He also said that the rumored "co-op Horizon experience" made sense. However, as Polanco mentioned, that could be something easily added in an update.