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This N64 Version Of The Mario Movie Trailer Is Nothing Short Of Brilliant

Over four years after Nintendo announced its animated "Mario" movie, the first teaser trailer finally dropped. Despite the bold claims made by the project's producer, the two-and-a half-minute sequence left fans with the same conclusion: Chris Pratt's voiceover performance as Mario is completely underwhelming.

Far from capturing the essence of one of the most prominent characters in video game history, Pratt's vocalization drew comparisons to Linda Belcher of "Bob's Burgers" fame — one fan even made a short animation highlighting the uncanny similarity. Others have taken to praising the voiceovers in other languages for better capturing what they really wanted from an animated Mario on the silver screen.

Apart from Pratt's involvement, fans seemed happy about the rest of "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" trailer — Jack Black's performance as Bowser, in particular, was rather well-received. While the smooth and fluid animation also had the internet excited for the final product, one fan took it upon himself to recreate one of the trailer's early sequences in the style of "Super Mario 64" — and it's nothing short of brilliant.

A perfect blend of the movie and the classic game

Just over 24 hours after "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" teaser trailer premiered, England-based animator CodaAnim posted a 13-second clip to Twitter that recreates the stand-off between Bowser and the Penguin King using assets from the original "Super Mario 64." The animation imitates the retro look with a creative use of the original character models, the Cool, Cool Mountain map, the "Super Mario 64" font, the distorted voices dubbed over subtitles, and even a Bowser-style cutout end screen to cap it off.

With over 200,000 likes and 35,000 retweets only a day after it was posted, the short clip was received well by the fandom. Commenters on the YouTube upload praised CodaAnim for the attention to detail, including his decision to distort Bowser's model to create more expressive animations that captured Jack Black's delivery, how the Penguin King voice was pitched much lower to match Khary Payton's performance in the trailer, and more.

Viewers also loved that CodaAnim used the graphical limitations of the Nintendo 64 assets to his advantage. Instead of recreating the flashy counterattack sequence, the animation cuts to a simple shot of the Penguin King being punted off a cliff in reference to the fact that, in the original game, players could deliberately drop the baby penguins off the edge of the map — a quirk that went on to become a longstanding meme in the fandom.