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MultiVersus' Halloween Event Is A Real Grind For Free Players

"Multiversus" has been out for a few months now and although it was pretty well received by critics at launch, the Warner Brothers crossover brawler is starting to show its cracks. To the excitement of fans, several new characters have been released, while many others have been teased to expand the "Multiversus" roster, most recently including Stripe from "Gremlins" as part of the game's recent Halloween update. Though the Halloween update adds this highly-anticipated character and offers players uniquely themed items as part of a special event, it also requires more than 780 games played to unlock everything with the event's Candy currency for free.


Without any boosts, players earn 20 Candy for winning a singles or doubles match, or else they earn 10 Candy for losing. When playing as a "Gremlins" character or wearing a Halloween variant, this increases to 40 Candy for a win and 20 Candy for a loss. If both players do this in doubles, it increases once more to 60 for winning and 40 for losing. It costs 15,650 Candy to unlock all four items. As calculated by VGC, free-to-play users will have to win 783 games to get enough Candy to unlock everything, which comes out to about 26 games per day until the event ends on November 15,2022. If you don't spend money or don't have a "Multiversus" battle pass, that's pretty tall order.

Can the Halloween event save MultiVersus from decline?

To play 26 games a day is a lot, but not un-doable. To win 26 games every day until the event ends is another story. Unless one is sure they will win more than they lose, it's a safe bet that it will take many more than 26 games every day to earn enough Candy. Playing as a "Gremlins" character or wearing a Halloween variant reduces this in half to 13 wins a day, and playing doubles with a friend who is using a skin or a "Gremlins" character takes it down further to around 9 wins each day. But even when taking full advantage of the Halloween update's boosts, that's a massive daily commitment for every player, paid or not.


Though popular on launch, "Multiversus" has slowly been losing its player base and the Halloween update does not look like it will re-invigorate the game's population. According to steamcharts.com, the game had more than 100,000 players at launch, which dwindled to around 10,000 to 14,000 players in mid-September. Now in mid-October the number of active players dwindles around the 3,000 to 5,000 range, and the "Multiversus" Halloween update only bumped that up to around 6,500 so far. Only time will tell if this event will bring players back in for the long haul.