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If You Miss MultiVersus' Battle Pass, There's Good News

"MultiVersus" is proving to be an exciting new option for free-to-play gamers, and it's easy to see why. In addition to its current all-star Warner Bros. cast, there's plenty of evidence causing fans to think there are a ton more characters on the way, and the gameplay is well-executed as well. Combat is familiar — with techniques like edgeguarding from "Super Smash Bros." — but fresh, thanks to brand new mechanics like perk stacking

Making the whole experience even better is the game's developer Player First Games, which has certainly been living up to its name. Not only is every playable character unlockable without spending any real-world money, but the studio has been quick to implement fixes for the most annoying part of the game and its cheapest move at players' requests. 

All of this is great, but, unfortunately, "MultiVersus" fans just got disappointing news about Season 1 being delayed. While this is a bummer, info from Player First Games should give players something to look forward to regarding the Season 1 battle pass when it finally arrives.

Battle pass items aren't exclusive

According to the FAQ section on the "MultiVersus" website, items earned from any "MultiVersus" battle pass are not exclusive. As the site says, "There may be opportunities to unlock some of these items in the game at a later date." While at this point we aren't sure what items from battle passes will be available in the future or how, it is good news for those that despise the typical fomo-fueled anxiety that often accompanies battle passes. 

More good news is that the site doesn't say this is true for a specific battle pass, but "MultiVersus" battle passes in general. So if you've been enjoying the "MultiVersus" open beta and like the look of Jake the Dog's Cake the Cat skin variant, but don't want to pay for the preseason battle pass' premium path, there's a good chance it will be available in the future. 

Items like alternate costumes for characters, flashy ringout effects, and different emotes are most likely going to be the items we can expect to see reappearing outside of battle passes in the future due to their higher levels of rarity. Again, we don't know how these items will return, but it could take the form of events where players need to complete specific challenges to unlock the items as rewards, or simply using real money to purchase the in-game currency of gleamium. Whatever the case, it's nice to see that "MultiVersus" continues to aim for an experience that takes players into consideration.