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Overwatch 2: The 3 Best Characters To Counter Mercy

"Overwatch 2" boasts a host of Support heroes, but one of the most powerful is Mercy. This angel is sometimes a devil to those playing against her due to her powerful healing beam and the fact that she can even bring players back from the dead. While she was already a nuisance for those who faced her in the first game, taking her out can prove even trickier in "Overwatch 2" thanks to some changes made to Mercy's flight and self-healing (including the integration of a beloved super jump ability).

Mercy players will try to resurrect their teammates if they can, so keeping an extra eye on recently defeated corpses for signs of a Mercy trying to sneak in can not only help in taking her out, but save the work of having to kill an enemy twice. While any character can be effective against Mercy if the player understands what the Swiss angel is capable of, some heroes are particularly adept when it comes to clipping her wings. Thankfully, it doesn't take too much time to learn how to use each of Mercy's three best counters to keep the angel grounded.

The best Mercy counter for each role

For Tanks, Winston is quite effective. The arcing primary fire from his Tesla Cannon allows him to not only steadily damage Mercy without too much required precision, but if one of her teammates steps in she can still take damage. Winston's Jump Pack ability can also be used to great effect for getting the drop on Mercy, but it's also nice to have as a pursuit option when she inevitably tries to flee.

For Damage characters, Sojourn is an excellent choice. Not only is she capable of dealing an enormous amount of ultra-precise damage with her railgun, but the combination of her slowing Disruptor Shot and Power Slide abilities make it a breeze to slow down and catch up to any fleeing Mercy. 

Finally, as a Support option, careful use of Ana's abilities can spell disaster for any Mercy trying to keep their team alive. Ana's long-range Biotic Rifle can pick away at Mercy from a distance, her Biotic Grenade can temporarily make the targets of Mercy's healing receive no healing at all, and her Sleep Dart can knock a Mercy out cold for an extended period of time. It's much easier to kill a Mercy that can't move.