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Games That Caused Ninja To Rage-Quit

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is one of the most well-known gamers on the internet, and because of that, fans have a pretty good idea of how he'll react to different titles. While he'd been part of the gaming scene beforehand, "Fortnite" shot him to streaming stardom. Ninja got his start playing professional "Halo," but he's played plenty of other games since. While a great deal of his content in the past has been focused on "Fortnite" or related to the battle royale game, there are several games he's dabbled with on his channel that have caused him nothing but frustration. 


Ninja's earned a bit of a reputation for raging at games that tick him off — and he's not convinced that's a bad thing. In fact, the streamer considers raging to be a sign that players are trying to get better, because it shows that they're frustrated at making mistakes. However, some games have pushed him over the edge in the past and made him walk away from his computer.

Overcooked 2

"Overcooked 2" is a fast-paced kitchen game that can be played alone or with friends. The game's goal is to serve as many orders as possible while racing against the clock. Serving meals requires running around the kitchen and completing various tasks, like washing dishes or chopping fish. While the game might sound like hectic fun to some, Ninja didn't think so and ended up rage-quitting while playing "Overcooked 2" with his wife.


It all happened while streaming with T-Pain and BigCheeseKIT in September 2021. Unfortunately, the Blevins couple couldn't get on the same wavelength when it came to completing chores in the kitchen, culminating in Ninja leaving the game altogether, which had T-Pain cracking up so hard he had to get out of his chair. A clip from T-Pain's stream captured the fun, ironically won by the Blevins duo.

This doesn't necessarily mean Ninja hates the game, and he's never come out and explicitly said that he thinks the game is bad. However, it's a bit comical that a party game had Ninja rage-quitting. The food industry definitely isn't for everyone.

League of Legends

Let's be honest, "League of Legends" can be rage-inducing for even the most casual gamer. In April 2021, the popular MOBA caught Ninja in its snare, sending him into a spiral of rage. While attempting to play in the attack-damage-carry role, Ninja was paired with a support player that he claimed wasn't up to par and wouldn't help him. After that, he was ganged up on by the enemy team a few times and ultimately got out-scaled by his opponents and couldn't do much.  


After three back-to-back deaths, Ninja showed off his rage quit skills and ended his entire stream early. While he streamed the game a few additional times since the match, he eventually went back to "Fortnite" and has steered clear of the Riot Games title since. Interestingly, Ninja also tried another title from Riot Games, "Valorant." As an FPS game that's more like "Fortnite" than "League of Legends," there was a chance the game would resonate with the streamer more. However, he's only tried the game once on camera.


Ninja has a love-hate relationship with "Fortnite," the game that arguably jumpstarted his career. While he jumps back and forth between playing it, there was a point in time when he said he'll never play the game again. In fact, things were looking so bad between Ninja and Epic Games at one point that Ninja thought the company hated him.


In February 2021, Ninja had the horrible experience of being stream-sniped. Essentially, a viewer of his was playing the same matches that Ninja was and used Ninja's stream to find and kill him. This happened in four different matches, making it nearly impossible for the streamer to actually play the game, as the same viewer hunted him down at the start of every round. Ninja exploded after one match, criticizing the game and its community. While he took a brief hiatus and turned to "League of Legends," Ninja ultimately returned to "Fortnite."

In fact, after a break from streaming altogether, Ninja was reunited with DrDisrespect and TimTheTatman, and the trio played "Fortnite."