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How Long Does It Take To Beat New Tales From The Borderlands?

The next "Borderlands" sequel may be a ways off but fans are still getting a chance to dive back into the world of sleazy corporations, colorful characters, and sci-fi action with the release of "New Tales from the Borderlands" on October 21. The follow up to Telltale Games' episodic adventure features a new cast, new story, and some new game mechanics, along with the familiar choose-your-own-adventure style gameplay. So far, the sequel is receiving mixed but generally positive reviews and it seems that, at the very least, fans of "Borderlands" or graphic adventures will want to check it out.


For those considering taking a chance on Gearbox's latest spinoff of the "Borderlands" series, one question to consider is just how long will it take to beat the game. How much of a commitment is required to see this one through to the end and how many hours of entertainment will gamers get for their money?

As reviews roll in, this question is being answered. Fortunately, estimates are notably similar across reviewers, providing a good sense of just how long it takes to beat "New Tales from the Borderlands."

A short adventure but with some replay value

Across the board, early reviewers are finding that it shouldn't take longer than ten hours to get through the story and see the conclusion and the credits. Game Informer's reviewer took ten hours to finish the game and concluded that it was time well spent. Polygon's reviewer also spent approximately ten hours finishing the story. Finally, IGN found each chapter took between one and two hours to finish. With five chapters in the game, this estimate also has playtime maxing out at around ten hours.


This may seem like a rather short experience but it is comparable to similar games in the genre, like those previously developed by Telltale Games. Further, it's worth noting that, as a game built around making choices and seeing how they play out, there will be some replay value for those who enjoy going through the game a second time to see how different decisions impact the ending.

"New Tales from the Borderlands" may not be blowing away critics but it does appear to be recognized as a solid experience with enough new features to shake things up and keep the experience fresh. With ten hours of content spread across manageable, short, and sweet chapters, this game could be worth checking out for fans of "Borderlands" and anyone who misses the old Teltale Games stories.