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Black Adam Is Finally Coming To MultiVersus

Season 1 of "MultiVersus" has offered players the chance to duke it out as fan-favorite Warner Brothers characters, and there are always more being considered — like the recent inclusion of Stripe from "Gremlins," added as part of the grindy "MultiVersus" Halloween event that began earlier this month. Now, almost a week after the Rock returned to "Fortnite" as Black Adam, the DC character will also find himself breaking into WB's newest brawler. Unfortunately, nothing official is known about how Black Adam will play in "Multiversus," but we can come to some ideas as to what will inspire his abilities.

Black Adam has super strength and speed, he's practically invulnerable, he can fly, use the powers of mind control and telepathy, and he has access to vast stores of knowledge and wisdom — all powers granted by Ancient Egyptian Gods. Like the hero of the same name, Black Adam activates these powers by saying "Shazam." Superman is already in "Multiversus" and possesses many of the same abilities, acting as a Tank character. While we don't know what role Black Adam will officially take, given his penchant for invulnerability, a Tank could be a good fit for him too.

Though players assumed Black Adam would be added to "Multiversus" after leaks came out earlier this year, the official "Multiversus" Twitter account confirmed that both the villain-turned-anti-hero and Arcade Mode would release "later this week," which could mean anywhere from Tuesday, October 25 to Friday, October 28, 2022.