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Marvel's Midnight Suns: Every Season Pass Hero Explained

"Marvel's Midnight Suns" is almost here, launching on Dec. 2 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. In "Marvel's Midnight Suns," players fight alongside some of the most iconic Marvel characters, such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Wolverine. But combat isn't quite the beat 'em up gameplay that superhero games are known for.


Instead, "Marvel's Midnight Suns," controversially, is a tactical role-playing game developed by Firaxis Games, the studio behind "XCOM" and the "Civilization" series. Combat is turn-based, with players dishing out signature moves of the Marvel characters on their enemies. In addition to playing as various Marvel characters, players can create and customize their very own superhero.

Recently, it was announced that even more characters are coming to "Marvel's Midnight Suns" post-launch via DLC. Alongside the heroes, each DLC brings unique story content and costumes for the respective hero. Here's all the new heroes announced for "Marvel's Midnight Suns" post-launch.


Deadpool, the violent mercenary everyone knows and loves, is headed to "Marvel's Midnight Suns" in the first DLC pack. Although there's been no shortage of Deadpool on the silver screen as of late, the lovable killer hasn't been front and center in a video game since "Deadpool" in 2013. His absence from gaming is something Deadpool even joked about in the hilarious fourth-wall-breaking DLC reveal trailer.


Although it's unclear if Deadpool will sport his iconic red and black costume in "Marvel's Midnight Suns," his Midnight Suns costume has already been shown off in the promotional art on game's site. His Midnight Suns costume is gold and black, complete with a wizard hat that hilariously fits him in with the supernatural world of the game. And, although he's out of his element in this supernatural world, it seems Deadpool is bringing his witty charm to "Marvel's Midnight Suns," making him a must-have addition to any Deadpool fan's team.


No Marvel game with Spider-Man is complete without the web-slinger's arch-nemesis, Venom. And fresh off of two Hollywood blockbusters starring the anti-hero himself, Venom is more popular than ever. Now he's coming to "Marvel's Midnight Suns" as a playable character via the second DLC pack.


During a Summer Games Fest trailer in June, Firaxis Games revealed that Venom would be in "Marvel's Midnight Suns." In the trailer, Venom gets interrupted by the game's main antagonist, Lilith, during a feasting session. Lilith then captures Venom, turning him into a massive green beast with horns.

Now, with the recent announcement, it's confirmed that Venom will be playable to those that purchase the second DLC pack. So, it seems Venom was either rescued or escaped Lilith's control to become a member of the Midnight Suns. However, players won't know what really happened until they play through Venom's story themselves once the DLC launches.


The third DLC hero for "Marvel's Midnight Suns" is Doctor Michael Morbius, the scientist turned vampire. Morbius was a member of the original Midnight Sons team from the comics alongside Ghost Rider, Blade, Johnny Blaze, and the Darkhold Redeemers, so it's fitting that he is getting a spot on the team. And like in the "Midnight Suns" game, Morbius joins the Midnight Suns alongside other Nightstalkers to take on Lilith during her demonic invasion of earth.


More recently, however, Morbius got his very own movie. Unfortunately, Morbius' film debut didn't get a favorable critical reception (per Metacritic). Still, whether players want to see Morbius in the game because they love the character or the meme, Morbius is an exciting addition to the game's roster. But undoubtedly, many will be hoping that Morbius' story in "Midnight Suns" is nothing like the one presented in the film. Although, there will likely be no shortage of jokes about it from Deadpool.


The fourth and final DLC hero announced for "Marvel's Midnight Suns" is the mutant Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm. Storm famously uses her psionic abilities to control the weather, creating storms, high winds, and other weather effects. Although she might not sound that damaging on paper, her control of lightning gives her great attacking potential. In addition, her control over the winds allows her to fly. Aside from being one of the strongest mutants in the Marvel universe, Storm is best known for her high-ranking role in the X-men alongside Wolverine, protecting the earth from any foes that threaten it.


Because Storm has never gotten a video game of her own, and it's been a long while since the X-Men got a video game for themselves, fans of the mutant team will no doubt be happy to see Storm return to video games, but how she fits into the story and how her abilities will affect combat is unknown.