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Modern Warfare 2: Aquatic Maneuvers And Ledge Hang Tactics Explained

The 2022 remake of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" offers a wealth of new content for players to sample. While modes, maps, weapons, killstreaks, and operators serve as some of the more obvious additions, the gameplay itself has received plenty of tweaks compared to 2019's "Modern Warfare." As part of a blog post on the official website, Infinity Ward provided an overview of the "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer experience. Though in-depth details on some of the game's flashier components took up a large chunk of the post, one segment discussed new tactics related to player traversal.

The divisive movement exploit known as Slide Canceling remains an option, and the the old "Call of Duty" fan-favorite Dolphin Dive has made a return as well. Sliding and diving provide players with movement variety, but "Modern Warfare 2" went the extra mile to include fresh traversal mechanics. Several maps in the game feature bodies of water and a certain degree of verticality to mix up the multiplayer battles. Thanks to these level designs, players now have both aquatic maneuvers and Ledge Hanging available to them.

Take a dive or take a climb in Modern Warfare 2

Given that bodies of water often meant instant death in previous "Call of Duty" titles, some players might have to fight the knee-jerk reaction to book it in the other direction when they encounter them in "Modern Warfare 2." As the blog post stated, players can plunge into water in an attempt to evade enemy pursuers or get the drop on an unsuspecting foe this time around. They can even take part in underwater battles if they spot an opponent in the depths, albeit with a couple of caveats. "Operators can fire their sidearms and use certain equipment while submerged, but note that your weapon's projectile will be affected by the water's density, so adjust your aim accordingly," warned the post.

In addition to swimming, players now have the option to Ledge Hang in some places. This allows them to peek over certain ledges and fire away with their sidearm. While potentially a useful maneuver for covertly checking rooftops, players can't reload while performing a Ledge Hang, even after emptying a magazine.