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This Is The Best 556 Icarus Loadout For Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" has been released, and while the campaign has been well-received by critics, it's still relatively short and certainly not the main event in the series. For most fans, the focus is on dominating competitive multiplayer.


When it comes to success online, proper weapon and loadout selection are essential. Bringing the right gun into battle and knowing how to accessorize it can be the difference between victory and defeat. While most fans tend to go for assault rifles and SMGs, some will opt for the more powerful Light Machine Guns (LMGs), and among this class of weapons, the 556 Icarus stands out.

LMGs are an excellent option for anyone looking to trade speed for firepower and those who like to play a support role, backing up their teammates with a hail of covering fire. Those that go this route will find the 556 Icarus an attractive option as it has superior accuracy and stability for an LMG, making it a good choice for engaging the enemy at longer ranges. Further, this weapon is unlocked by leveling up the M4; an option considered one of the best weapons in the game. Thus, many players are likely to start with the M4 and get access to the 556 Icarus relatively early.


That said, players who take the 556 Icarus into battle will still want to ensure they're selecting a loadout for maximum effectiveness.


When designing a weapon loadout, it's always a good idea to start with the attachments. However, with every weapon capable of supporting up to five accessories and dozens of options, this is no easy task.


A solid strategy is to play to the weapon's strengths, starting with the Forge-Tac Castle Compensator muzzle. This muzzle will further increase the firing stability of firearms, though the LMG already starts strong. Next, operators should add an FTAC Coldforge 16" barrel. This barrel will increase the weapon's range, making it even deadlier at longer distances.

With the 556 now firing further and more accurately, it's best to slap on an FSS Sharkfin 90 underbarrel to add even more stability while aiming. Building on these buffs, the weapon should also get a Demo Precision Elite Factory stock to bump stability further while aiming and shooting. This stock does reduce mobility to some degree, but nobody carries an LMG into combat because they want to be a sprinter anyway.


Round all this out with the Sakin VX grip for even more stability, and operators are left with the ultimate support weapon that can reliably and accurately put rounds far downrange.


Once the 556 Icarus has been fully customized, it's time to decide which perks complement the weapon. In "Modern Warfare 2," players get to select two base perks along with a bonus perk and an ultimate perk.


For base perks, players should consider Battle Hardened and Bomb Squad (previously known as E.O.D.). The former reduces the impact of non-lethal grenades, while the latter reduces the damage of lethal explosives. Operators carrying an LMG are likely to find themselves behind cover and drawing the attention of enemies who will use thrown weapons to try to force them out, so these perks are an excellent precaution.

For a bonus perk, players should go with Fast Hands. LMGs have notoriously long reload times, and this perk will offset this disadvantage while also increasing the speed of weapon swapping and equipment use.

Finally, Quick Fix might be the best choice for an ultimate perk. By healing players every time they get a kill and speeding health regeneration while holding an objective, this perk will help an operator stay alive as they set up in a defensive position, holding key points and healing as they rack up kills.



For equipment, players get to choose a single piece of lethal and non-lethal equipment as well as a field upgrade that must be charged and deployed.

In general, Semtex (which acts like a sticky grenade) and one variation of non-lethal grenade (stun, flash, etc.) are the best options for most builds, and it's no different for the 556 Icarus. Semtex is an excellent offensive option, while a stun grenade can slow down enemies coming in for an attack — further supporting the defensive role of the 556 Icarus user.


Anti-armor Rounds are an excellent choice for a Field Upgrade as it further increases damage against armored targets, making the 556 Icarus an even deadlier weapon. However, this will not unlock until level 29. In the meantime, a solid alternative is the Munitions Box, which allows the user and their teammates to restock, ensuring the operator can stay in cover and doesn't have to go hunting for ammo.

LMGs aren't easy to use in "Modern Warfare 2" and certainly aren't as popular. With the right loadout, however, they can be deadly and effective in support roles, and the 556 Icarus is certainly no exception.