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Indiefoxx Finally Explains Why She Was Permabanned On Twitch

Back in mid-2021, Twitch was in the middle of the hot tub meta. While the controversial streams started fading out, ASMR streams took over, and Indiefoxx rose to fame. However, she was banned multiple times from the platform, and her last ban had tremendous consequences, including losing her Twitch partnership and being banned indefinitely. While some have criticized her content for being risque, no one knew why Twitch took the actions it did until now.

On a "No Jumper" podcast, Indiefoxx – who now goes by JenFoxxUwu — explained that the root of the problem was a wardrobe malfunction. A mod on her stream explained that she had an embarrassing bulge in her yoga pants, which led to JenFoxxUwu trying to cover it up by putting toilet paper in her leggings. Unfortunately, that created a new problem, as the seam in the leggings caused the toilet paper to move and create a more phallic-looking protrusion. This situation led to her permanent ban, which JenFoxxUwu struggled to accept.

She pointed out that she had tried to clean up her act in response to her earlier bans and that she wasn't intentionally trying to reveal anything. Considering Twitch's terms of service require intent to be proven to remain banned, JenFoxxUwu thought it wouldn't last.

The permanent ban was just that – permanent

In 2021, JenFoxxUwu revealed that she'd make a return on YouTube. However, she told Adam22 that YouTube just wasn't built for live streaming and that she struggled to gain an audience on the platform. Since then, she's tried to make multiple ban appeals but thinks she's blacklisted on the site since no one will respond.

Twitch's shady side comes out quite often, and she noted additional points about her ban that made it seem like she was singled out among other hot tub or ASMR streamers. Specifically, JenFoxxUwu said she had spoken to another hot tub streamer who's still streaming after getting banned for a similar incident. JenFoxxUwu also believes that her manager didn't like her. He allegedly asked her to stop doing hot tub streams to entirely focus on music streams after she was banned several times — even though plenty of others were still doing hot tub streams.

Overall, JenFoxxUwu seemed a bit slighted over the whole situation. She explained that if she were fired at any company over an outfit, it would be something she could take up with HR. However, Twitch streamers don't get that right, and even the ban appeal system seems to have its limits.