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God Of War Ragnarök: The Easiest Way To Beat Gryla

"God of War: Ragnarök" finally released in November 2022 and, by all accounts, it's nearly perfect. A touching story, amazing visuals, and polished combat round out a superb experience that has fans clamoring to rejoin Kratos and Atreus on another adventure. Along the way, players will face plenty of challenges, from puzzles to overcome to resources to gather. They'll also engage in more than a few tough fights, including an encounter with the evil giant Gryla.

While not necessarily the most frustrating boss in "God of War Ragnarök," Gryla poses a daunting challenge for those who don't know how to take her down. The being from Icelandic Mythology, who somehow managed to get herself associated with Christmas (per Smithsonian Magazine), is no pushover and defeating her will require strength, skill, and a little cleverness. Fortunately, there are some tricks to help in this enormous task and going into the fight with a little preparation will allow gamers to emerge victorious.

Target the cauldron to defeat Gryla

"God of War Ragnarök" players will encounter Gryla while exploring Ironwood as Atreus during "The Lost Sanctuary" quest (per IGN). They'll have Angrboda along as an ally and must rely on Atreus' speed and archery skills to overcome the boss fight.

While the giant may present a big target, Dot Esports noted that the goal is to destroy the cauldron she's holding rather than attacking her directly. When the fight begins, players will need to shoot the glowing runes on this cauldron from a distance while dodging her ranged attacks. They'll also want to avoid getting too close as Gryla will try to stomp on Atreus, forcing him to jump back (per Eurogamer). Eventually, Gryla will drop to her knee, stunned. Players should take this opportunity to rush in and use the action command to launch a melee attack on the cauldron and move the fight into the next phase.

At this point, Gyrla will begin shielding the cauldron with her body and occasionally turning the floor red, which will damage Atreus. Players will need to continue to dodge ranged attacks while jumping up to platforms to avoid the red floor. To progress the fight, they'll need to lure Gryla towards large candles on these raised platforms and use an action command to cause Angrboda to detonate them. This will, again, stun Gryla, allowing for more attacks on her cauldron. Continuing in this pattern while avoiding the increasingly aggressive and accurate attacks will eventually lead to victory.