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The Secret Cyberpunk 2077 Weapon That Took Years To Discover

"Cyberpunk 2077" will go down in gaming history for its rocky release full of strange, but funny, bugs and its removal from the PlayStation store. However, fans have still had fun with the futuristic CD Projekt game, and its earned a dedicated following since its release in 2020. There's even been enough buzz about the game to inspire CD Projekt to make a sequel, which no one saw coming.

Now, approximately two years after the game's release, gamers are shocked to find out that one fan of the game unearthed a weapon no one knew existed. Just when gamers thought they'd found every hidden item available in "Cyberpunk 2077," Redditor OSHIN shared a picture of a weapon they found called "Johnny's Revolver." The Johnny in question is, of course, Johnny Silverhand, a now-dead folk hero and musician played by Keanu Reeves. 

Even though Johnny himself is long gone by the time "Cyberpunk 2077" takes place (aside from a digital copy that figures into the game's plot), traces of him can be found everywhere. Dedicated Silver-fans can pick up Johnny's clothes to dress like their idol in "Cyberpunk 2077," but one of his tools of the trade had been missing until, apparently, OSHIN uncovered his sleek revolver. Here's how OSHIN discovered the mysterious gun and how fans have reacted to the legendary weapon.

Johnny's Revolver was hidden in a flashback

OSHIN posted an image of Johnny's revolver on Reddit, titling the post "I discovered a secret legendary weapon," but fans knew there was more to the story. In a comment, OSHIN elaborated, writing that the discovery came as part of an experiment with mods. OSHIN said they'd been experimenting with mods that allow the player to fly around the map at will, and had chosen to use the mod during a Johnny Silverhand flashback. Suddenly, OSHIN was flying around Night City as Johnny himself. OSHIN explored the Night City Johnny would have known and eventually wandered up to Fred, a weapons dealer. After talking with Fred, there "was a weapon called 'Johnny's Revolver.' Not only does it have a different name but it also has a different bio at the bottom than the Malorian. I looked online for a long time and found nothing about this weapon so I think I'm the first to discover it."

OSHIN couldn't find a way to bring Johnny's Revolver to V's version of Night City, but they are still looking for a way. Other commenters informed OSHIN that they weren't, in fact, the first person to discover Johnny's Revolver, and OSHIN quickly linked to other players who had discovered the secret weapon first. One commenter shared how to get the gun using commands to force the gun into V's inventory. As of right now, players aren't sure why the gun was cut from the game, as it was clearly built and hidden in the code. One commenter speculated that Johnny's Revolver was initially meant to be Johnny's primary weapon (instead of the Malorian), and that when the team decided to scrap it, devs hid it in the code so deep they thought no one would find it.

Is the hidden gun the same as the Malorian?

Other gamers wondered if the gun was also available in the unmodded version of "Cyberpunk 2077." One commenter explained that there are many weapons and other items in the code of the game that don't actually show up in the game itself. Why these weapons exist is anyone's guess, but it's possible that they're scrapped ideas or test items that were tucked away in the code, never to appear in the game itself.

A couple of commenters had an idea of why Johnny's Revolver might exist, buried within the game's code. One theorized, "Most likely a unique instance of an item for the Malorian during Arasaka nuking mission since the stats are quite different to the Malorian that V can get. It's not uncommon in games with narrative equipment." In other words, Johnny's Revolver is the weapon that players use in a flashback where they play as Johnny in his mission to take down Arasaka. At the time, Johnny feels very powerful to players who are likely a lower level, and his weapon mirrors that power. However, by the time V gets the Malorian later in the game, players don't need to feel the raw power of Johnny's Revolver. Accordingly, the Malorian plays a bit differently than the version of the gun Johnny uses in a flashback.

Players may never really know why Johnny appears to have two guns in "Cyberpunk 2077," or why Johnny's Revolver differs so much from the Malorian players can get later in the game. However, fans' dedication to unearthing small details in the code shows how enduring the fanbase of "Cyberpunk 2077" is, and how far they're willing to go to more fully explore Night City.