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It's Finally Time To Talk About Goat Simulator 3's P.T. Scene

Now that "Goat Simulator 3" is finally here, early reactions have all said the game is stupid fun. The premise of allowing players run around as chaos-creating goats is silly enough, but as pointed out within TheGamer's review, "Goat Simulator 3" is also chock full of wacky easter eggs that regularly allude to other popular video games. Even the announcement trailer for Coffee Stain's sandbox game was a giant reference that took a shot at "Dead Island 2."


Within "Goat Simulator 3" itself, however, there's a reference to a PlayStation 4 game demo that set the internet on fire in 2014. Yes, none other than Hideo Kojima's "P.T." demo makes a kind of cameo appearance within "Goat Simulator 3." For those unaware, the "P.T." demo gave fans a taste of Kojima's planned take on the "Silent Hill" franchise, but the game was ultimately cancelled by Konami and the game never saw the light of day. 

While it's likely a far cry from Kojima's original vision, the reference to "P.T." in "Goat Simulator 3" might fill a void for some players with some goat-centric humor.

P.T. lives on as the Horror Corridor

Over on Twitter, IGN shared a brief clip showing the similarities between the "P.T." demo and a section that "Goat Simulator 3" calls the Horror Corridor. After players manage to cram their goat through a certain doorway, they'll enter the aforementioned Horror Corridor and find that its layout is incredibly similar to the eerie infinite hallway seen in "P.T." Even some of the furniture and photos on the walls in the Horror Corridor are faithfully placed recreations of what could be found within Kojima's beloved demo.


Oddly enough, this isn't the first time that the "Goat Simulator" franchise has expressed its appreciation for the works of Hideo Kojima. Shortly after Konami cancelled plans for "P.T." to become a full game and cut ties with Kojima, the developers of the original "Goat Simulator" decided to give the gaming auteur a shoutout. Although Kojima Productions played no part in developing "Goat Simulator," the team received a spot in the game's credits regardless along with a plea for the return of "P.T.," saying, "Silent Hills P.T. ... Please bring it back ... Pretty please?"

Unfortunately, the kind shoutout and the call for the return of "P.T." went unanswered, and the demo is still unavailable to download through official channels. Nevertheless, fans are really enjoying Coffee Stain's latest carefully constructed homage to Kojima's "P.T."