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How Long Does It Take To Beat Evil West?

"Evil West" is an old-school kind of action game, one that harkens back to the PS2 era with wild combat and an even wackier setting. In "Evil West," players take control of the vampire hunter Jesse Rentier in an apocalyptic western setting as they hunt down all sorts of creepy beasts and supernatural beings. Players can experience the fast-paced gameplay of "Evil West" via solo or co-op play (though it's worth noting that the game is not cross-platform).


Fans of the "Shadow Warrior" series may want to take a look at "Evil West," as they were both developed by Flying Wild Hog. Additionally, according to a developer interview with Escapist magazine, "Evil West" takes heavy influence from classics such as "Devil May Cry," mimicking some of the same combo mechanics, while also being inspired by the melee combat from 2018's "God of War."

Critic reviews of "Evil West" have been mixed, but its aesthetic and gameplay loop has largely resonated with casual players. Anyone curious about hopping into this twisted take on the wild west may wonder how much content this $50 game has to offer. Here's how long it takes to beat "Evil West."

It takes roughly 11 hours to beat Evil West

Because "Evil West" features a linear campaign, there really isn't a ton of leeway when it comes to game completion time. That said, there are a number of challenging boss fights and collectibles to find along the way that can help pad on a few extra hours.


David Jagneaux at IGN reported taking a total of 12 hours to get through the 16-mission campaign. Jagneaux noted that much of this time was spent repeatedly fighting the same type of enemies, which made for a bit of a monotonous experience. However, Jagneaux did note that the game also offers limited exploration to find upgrade points and lore items. GameSpot's Richard Wakeling finished "Evil West" in 10 hours, saying he "found most of the difficult-to-miss collectibles along the way." Like Jagneaux, Wakeling wrote that much of this playthrough time consisted of fighting the same collection of enemies, but he felt experimenting with different weapons and builds helped to keep the game fresh.


Robert Ramsey at PushSquare also reported a 12-hour completion time. Unsurprisingly, Ramsey likewise reported that almost all of those hours were spent in combat. Ramsay concurred that although there isn't much to explore in terms of the map, there is a lot of opportunity for players to mess around with loadouts if they so wish.