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Marvel's Midnight Suns Officially Reveals Character Everyone Already Knew About

Gamers will be able to choose from a wide cast of playable superheroes in the upcoming game "Marvel's Midnight Suns" (with even more available to those who choose to purchase the season pass.) Most of the in-game characters that have been revealed so far are ones that most fans will recognize, such as Iron Man and Captain America. There have also been numerous lesser-known heroes who only the most die-hard Marvel fans will know, like Magik and Nico Minoru, but it seems that Firaxis Games' primary concern was making sure that fans got to play with all of the big-name heroes in the upcoming game. Many famous heroes are already in the game, though there was one that had yet to be revealed — a certain physicist who specializes in both gamma radiation and smashing the opposition.

That's right, The Incredible Hulk has been conspicuously missing from the roster. This has always seemed odd since Banner is easily one of the most recognizable heroes in the Marvel line-up. Although Firaxis Games has been coy about confirming or denying who would be the final addition to its new card-based tactical battle game, many fans already suspected that the green meanie was the obvious candidate. Now, with the game's launch just a week away, those suspicions have been confirmed.

Hulk joins the fight

The official "Marvel's Midnight Suns" Twitter account made the announcement, stating, "Our best kept 'secret' that absolutely no one found out about is finally revealed! Hulk SMASHES his way on to the 'Midnight Suns' roster December 2." It's clear from the text that Firaxis Games was fully aware that most of its fans had already figured out that Banner was going to be the final hero added to the game, but it still seemed excited to announce his inclusion.

Sure enough, many fans appeared unsurprised by the news. One user wrote that "This secret is like Bruce keeping Hulk as his secret." It seems that keeping the Hulk a secret in any capacity is nigh impossible. Others seemed disappointed, with many wishing that Firaxis had chosen to go with a hero who didn't already have quite so much screen time. @weeskwee wrote "Cool! The more the merrier. Wish it was Man-Thing, same size and similar strength. But supernatural and he would have fit really well" while @Skarm4477 said "Kinda wish we got Moon Knight or Elsa Bloodstone instead TBH[.] Hulk is cool too I guess."

IGN has now posted a YouTube video as well, demonstrating The Hulk's gameplay and showcasing his ability to grow stronger the angrier he gets when taking damage. The fan response to discovering Hulk will be in the game may have been lukewarm, but that may turn around once they get the game and can use him to smash their enemies.