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The Super Mario Bros Movie Includes A Game We Didn't Expect

After the first trailer for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" came out, the hype for the upcoming Nintendo and Illumination collaboration really started to build. Before that, fans analyzed the first movie poster that came out for anything it might reveal about "The Super Mario Bros. Movie," but there wasn't much to gleam — though some adults did notice that Mario's posterior wasn't quite as pronounced as it is in the games. The first trailer was released on October 6, 2022, and longtime players noticed small details hidden in the background of its movie snippets, but these were largely in the form of references to "Mario" games from the main series.


Now that fans have a second official trailer, thanks to the November 29 Nintendo Direct, fans know even more about the upcoming movie than ever before. The second trailer revealed much more about "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" than the first, as it served to show off Bowser and introduced audiences to Chris Pratt's voice for Mario. The second trailer showcased that the film won't just reference the mainline "Mario" games; it will also feature nods to other titles in the extended "Mario" universe — including the ever-popular "Mario Kart" series.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will have a Mario Kart race segment

At the tail end of the November 29 trailer, fans got to see Mario and plenty of other characters taking part in a kart race. It's not just any kart race, though, it appears to be taking place on none other than Rainbow Road, one of the most consistently infamous tracks in almost every "Mario Kart" game. Mario is seen boosting off a ramp into an airborne slow-mo segment, giving fans a chance to spot some of the hidden details of the new "Super Mario Bros. Movie" trailer: which characters are racing.


After landing his jump, Donkey Kong can be seen just behind Mario to his right. Also behind him is Peach on a motorcycle and appearing in her "Mario Kart Wii" outfit. There's also a Toad that can be seen trailing the trio in a monster truck. Just before the trailer wraps up, as Mario drifts in front of the other racers, there's what appear to be multiple characters that look like Funky Kong in some of the karts following behind Mario. 

Fans will just have to wait to find out why there looks to be multiple Funky Kongs in the competition, and why the "Mario Kart" race happens in the first place. "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" releases on April 7, 2023.