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Marvel's Midnight Suns Had A Good Reason For Making Deadpool DLC

"Marvel's Midnight Suns" is finally releasing, and early reviews are already praising the tactical RPG for its combat mechanics and superhero team building. Not every major hero from the Marvel lineup is available to join the team at launch, however. Instead, some notable characters are only being added to the game through a DLC Season Pass, which will begin to roll out new heroes next year. First among these added characters will be none other than the "merc with a mouth," Deadpool.


The iconic antihero, who announced the Season Pass himself in a hilarious trailer, will bring his skills and humor to the new game along with Venom, Dr. Morbius, and Storm. Given the heightened popularity of the character since the release of the new "Deadpool" movies, however, some may wonder why he wasn't included in the game's initial release. As it turns out, this was considered by developer Firaxis but ultimately rejected, moving Deadpool to post-launch instead.

This was not without justification, however. In a recent interview with PCGamesN, Lead Designer Jake Solomon offered a good reason for making Deadpool a DLC character.

Firaxis didn't want Deadpool to overshadow the rest of the team

Speaking to PCGamesN, Solomon explained that Deadpool is just too big of a personality to include at launch. "It's like the kind of thing where anytime Deadpool shows up, it becomes the Deadpool show," he stated, also noting that it was input from Marvel that helped make a final decision. According to Solomon, Marvel told the team that "Deadpool kind of sucks the air out of the room," which convinced Firaxis to hold off on the character.


While this logic certainly makes sense, it may still disappoint some Deadpool fans who didn't want to wait to put Wade Wilson on their team. However, they shouldn't feel too bad, as Deadpool's delayed arrival has a silver lining.

According to Solomon, there's actually a bonus to DLC heroes. In addition to having all the content associated with other characters in the game, these heroes come with their own separate missions that focus on them as characters. That means, with a bit of patience, Deadpool fans will soon get to put him on their team and play through some scenarios where he gets to be the star. He almost certainly will hog all the attention in these moments, but isn't that the very thing that his fans love about him?