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The One Thing You Don't Want To Do In The Callisto Protocol

"The Callisto Protocol" offers over a dozen hours of gruesome horror action as players blast through hordes of creepy aliens aboard a mysterious space station. Although "The Callisto Protocol" has been criticized for retreading the grounds of "Dead Space," many new features debuting in "The Callisto Protocol" set it apart from its spiritual predecessor. This includes a new crafting system, various survival mechanics, and the introduction of unique weapons, such as the Riot gun. But according to developer Striking Distance Studios, this is just the start.

A Season Pass is on its way for "The Callisto Protocol," offering six months of new content that includes a hardcore mode. However, many have found the game hard enough as it is, as many reviewers have complained that the game spikes in difficulty in multiple spots. But there are a few things players can do to help make their first playthrough of "Callisto Protocol" more manageable. Specifically, there is one thing players need to avoid, despite how useful it may appear at first glance.

Don't craft every weapon

As soon as "The Callisto Protocol" hit shelves, gamers complained about a few of the game's mechanics. Specifically, many voiced complaints about the player inventory system. Gamers complained that the inventory system was a pain to manage, forcing them to constantly juggle items and drop things to keep the inventory slots from filling up, preventing them from picking up important items. And although there is a way to upgrade the player's inventory capacity, it doesn't become available until over halfway through the game (per theloadout).

To combat this inventory clutter, gamers such as Andrea Trama at Gamerant have urged players to be careful when forging new weapons. That's because although weapons don't take up spaces in the player's inventory, the ammo for the corresponding gun does. So, for example, if a player never crafts a shotgun, they will never pick up shotgun shells from defeated enemies. And if a player does end up crafting every gun in the game, they will start amassing so much ammo that they will run out of inventory space.

This doesn't mean players should never forge new weapons. But it does mean that players will benefit more from sticking to a shortlist of weapons and focusing on upgrading them rather than creating new weapons. This will prevent inventory clutter, opening up space for other items and allowing players to stockpile the ammo they need more quickly.