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Everything Included In The Elden Ring Colosseum Update

It has been over nine months since FromSoftware's open-world masterpiece "Elden Ring" hit shelves. Despite this, "Elden Ring" is still fresh in the minds of many gamers, evidenced by its abundance of Game Awards nominations. And it's pretty evident FromSoftware hasn't forgotten about the game, either. FromSoftware has continuously pumped out free content, bug fixes, and balance updates for "Elden Ring" for free. But now, FromSoftware has released its biggest update to date, bringing with it a much-requested feature.


FromSoftware is finally expanding upon the formerly inaccessible colosseums in "Elden Ring." Many previously speculated that the colosseums were meant to be PvP arenas but never saw implementation into the final game. Some wondered if these PvP mechanics would eventually make it into the game via paid or free DLC. Now FromSoftware is finally opening these colosseums up for PvP fun — to the delight of many fans — in addition to bringing new cosmetic options, balance changes, and bug fixes via update 1.08.

The colosseums are now open for new PvP modes

The biggest feature of the free 1.08 update is the opening of all three colosseums in the Lands Between. The Limgrave, Caelied, and Leyndell arenas are now open to all players. But these arenas won't be home to hordes of enemies or a fearsome boss. Instead, each arena will feature a unique mode that pits players against each other in thrilling combat.


The Limgrave Colosseum, for example, features two modes United Combat and Combat Ordeal. United Combat is a timed team deathmatch mode with respawns where the team with the most points wins. Combat Ordeal features identical rules but is a free-for-all, supporting up to six players. The Leyndell Collesuem, on the other hand, is very different. The Leyndell Collesuem is home to a 1v1 dual mode with no respawns. Finally, the Caelid Colosseum has all the previous modes but allows players to use Spirit Ashes.

Character customization options, balance changes, and bug fixes

On top of adding new PvP modes to "Elden Ring" via the 1.08 update, the update also brings a long list of other changes. For example, there were five new hairstyles added to "Elden Ring." Players can access these new hairstyles when creating a new character. But players can also change their hairstyle at any point during a playthrough via the Clouded Mirror Stand in the Round Table Hold.


There were also some balance changes included in the 1.08 update for both single-player/co-op gameplay and PvP. For example, hammers, axes, daggers, and two-handed flails all got an increase in speed, attack distance, and reduced recovery time in all areas of the game. There were also Poise changes to weapons such as the Claws and numerous weapon arts. 

The PvP-exclusive balance adjustments included a reduction in Poise damage for multiple weapons and a nerf to the Carian Slicer spell. Finally, the 1.08 update brings some bug fixes to help make players' time in the Lands Between as smooth as possible.