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Here's How You Can Find And Pet Charlie In Midnight Suns

"Marvel's Midnight Suns" allows players to take control of a brand new hero and form a team from some of Marvel's most iconic characters. Some heroes will be unlocked during gameplay and some heroes are still to come through DLC. In addition to this exciting roster of teammates, players also get to enjoy the companionship of a lovable, if slightly scary-looking, dog.

In "Midnight Suns," the player character, known as Hunter, has a fully fleshed-out backstory that ties directly to the plot of the game and the story's main villain. This backstory also includes a hellhound named Charlie who, despite her appearance, is just like any other pooch. She loves her human and just wants some pets and affection. She's also quite protective and can be summoned to Hunter's side in battle to fight alongside the rest of the team.

These different elements of Charlie actually combine in "Midnight Suns" as petting her will actually make her more effective in combat and bestow other rewards that will help the rest of the team (per PCGamer). Petting her will level up the friendship between her and Hunter, which is really a reward in itself, and will also unlock combat cards for her and grant resources for upgrading the team. Of course, anyone with a heart, or at least a desire to get stronger, will want to visit Charlie often. The trick is finding her.

Find Charlie on the map

Players who want to give Charlie her daily pats will first need to track her down. She likes to wander around the Abbey and can even head outside for some fresh air. Thankfully, there's a simple and reliable way to keep track of where she is and find her without any need to search.

While at the Abbey, players can open up the map to get a view of their base and the surrounding area. Like any good game map, this one has lots of little icons that indicate where various characters and points of interest can be located. As luck would have it, Charlie is also marked on this map for easy locating.

Looking closely, players will find a paw print icon somewhere on the map. This marks Charlie's location and players can head there to give their pet some love. It should be noted that, after locating Charlie, gamers should visit her immediately. Charlie can move after players interact with objects and talk to other characters, so stopping for a conversation on the way could cause her to move to a new location, forcing Hunter to find her again.

Once found, Hunter has two options: Pet Charlie, or tell her to follow you. Simply choose to pet your goodest girl to see her level up.